Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Day In The Life... 1/26

 We had some leftover potatoes piling up from several meals and on this cold, wintry Saturday morning, Andrew cooked them up for breakfast. We tag-team big breakfasts, with him making the potatoes and me coming from behind and making the eggs and toast.  I was in the mood for biscuits this morning, so made that, while Andrew went out to get the newspaper for me.

I like to use a flower cookie cutter to cut out the biscuits. I think the edges bake up nice and crispy that way. Plus, I like flowers!

Yum! A double-batch ensures everyone gets seconds and there's leftovers for snacking. Since no one snacked on these today, I'm thinking sausage gravy over these biscuits for breakfast tomorrow! 

Chicken thawing in the background for dinner tonight.  Usually when making one meal, there's components for other meals happening at the same time. 

 Peter was being a pesky little brother while his sisters were trying to build a Lego town, so I brought out the plain wooden birdhouse he got for Christmas from an Aunt for him to paint. Kept him out of their hair for awhile, and then we settled on the couch to watch his choice of movie-- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Quality time with the kiddo! Besides the Indiana Jones movies, Peter also loves watching the original King Kong black and white movie! I was surprised at how much he likes that movie! So whenever he asks for the "monkey movie", he's talking about King Kong, not Curious George! 

 It has been so cold, I don't think the temperature has risen above 25 this week. We got snow yesterday and a little bit today, so here's the man of the house shoveling the white stuff. Looking nice and toasty in the hat I made him last Christmas. As a matter of fact, it's so cold, he wears the hat indoors, too!

Ever so grateful for the new roof! How wonderful it is not to worry about leaks anymore. There were two really bad sections that leaked and we had to keep a bucket underneath them, and it's such a load off our shoulders not to fret and worry about that now. Especially with the snow sticking around up there!

At this point, the only thing I like about the snow right now, is it makes the evenings seem not so dark, with it reflecting off the light. The chickens are usually in bed by 4 pm, but on these nights, with the evening a little brighter, they were still out and about at 5 pm.

Dinner has been made-- that chicken that was thawing was turned into breaded chicken, baked in the oven, with wild rice and broccoli on the side. The kids are cleaning up their messes, jammies on, and soon, it'll be Andrew and I snuggled on the couch watching a movie. Not a bad day at all! 

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Amandeep said...

On this day, I was getting married in India... It was crazy cold there as well...

Visiting here after almost six months now... been busy trying to settle down in a huge joint family of in laws.. trying to catch up on all your posts since January... hope everything is going fine with you and yours...