Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Handmade Christmas 2012

Before it's too late and while I still remember, 
I wanted to share what I made for Christmas 2012.

I found some new flour sack dish towels and I knew they'd be fun to embroider something on them and give as gifts. I went back and forth as to what I wanted to embroider but considering how much time I had left, simplicity won out. I made two kinds of snowflakes modifying different designs I found online. The nice thing about these is that the back is exactly the same as the front, and except for the knot, you'd probably not be able to tell which side was which. I made just enough to give away, working on the last couple of dishtowels on Christmas Eve!  Now I need to make a couple for me!

My yearly handmade ornament was these spirograph designs I mentioned back in December. I made somewhere around 30 of these, and they were really quick to come together. The back is colored felt that matches the color of the stitching and a nice blanket-stitch to keep it all together. Coordinating ribbon for hanging and then I made a holly leaf and the year I made it on shrinky-dink paper and a little red bell to represent a holly berry. These were well-received and I even made extra to sell. 

That's it! I already have ideas for next Christmas, and hopefully I won't wait until Christmas Eve to finish it!!


barefoot gardener said...

I love those dishtowels! And the ornaments are SO pretty...*sigh* One more thing to go on my "to-do" list, right? lol!

I still need to figure out how you made those little plastic tags with the family name and year. So nice! Much prettier than sharpie handwriting on the back...

jenny said...

Shrinky-Dink paper!! Your craft store should have them in the scrapbooking section (that's where I got mine). Write what you want on it, cut it out, bake... done!

I figured shrinky dinks was faster than embroidering my name on the back of each ornament!!