Sunday, June 20, 2010


I love it when a party goes as planned. With the exception of a few missing guests (we missed you!!), most everyone on the invite list showed up. I made sure to cook 90% of the food the day before, so I could enjoy myself at the party, too!

The menu: Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, 2 kinds of potato salad (one is Andrew's Grandmother's recipe and the other is mine), chips, veggies and dip, and of course, cake and ice cream.

Evelyn requested a 'buggy' cake, so after much thought, I came up with a caterpillar cake. Cute?

It was hard frosting this, especially on the cut ends of the cake, but I'm happy with how it came out. 10 candles:: 2 for Peter and 8 for Evelyn. M&Ms for the spots, twizzlers for the feet and mouth. (there was going to be a butterfly cake, too, but the frosting just wasn't cooperating, so it got shoved into the freezer. I'll probably try to frost it when it is frozen and use it for Peter's cake later on his actual birthday. I'm sure he won't mind having a butterfly cake--it's a bug, isn't it? maybe I can switch it into a regular ol' fly? hmm)
Evelyn and the kids sure liked it! Peter fell asleep and napped while we had cake and ice cream. He was a cranky thing before I got him down, so I didn't want to wake him. He'll have some cake and ice cream on his actual birthday in July. There was plenty of cake left, so I'm kind of glad the butterfly cake didn't work out. That would have been just too much cake!

The pool was a big hit with the kids!! I am so relieved. I worried all night, after we filled it, that we'd wake up to an empty pool the morning of the party. We made sure the water guy "approved" of the digging out we did before we filled it all the way up. It isn't perfect, but so far so good. *knock on wood*

After the pool was filled, we still had water left in the water truck, so we filled up all the bins I had previously used to try and salvage water from last time. Turns out I am glad we did, Peter has lots of fun going from one bin to the other and we use one bin for dunking feet before getting into the pool. Of all the big bins he could hang out in, he chooses to sit in the bucket! Silly Peter!
I'm sad to see the weekend end, it was such a nice long weekend with Andrew off beginning on Friday and not having to return to work until Monday evening. We are enjoying the luxury of our own pool and the only downside is the kids begging every waking moment when can they go swimming again. "Can we go swimming yet? Now can we go? Is it time to go swimming yet? When can we go swimming? Now? Is it time yet? Can we? Can we? Can we??" I can't blame 'em. I remember when I practically spent the whole, entire summer at the pool when I was a kid. Only difference was, there was a lifeguard there, so Mom or Dad didn't have to go with me all the time.


barefoot gardener said...

Yay! I know the Sprouts LOVED it when my Dad had (I think) the same pool set up in his yard. I remember the constant begging to be in the pool.... *sigh*

Glad the birthday party went well, and that cake looks beeee-youuuuuuu-tiful!

Stephanie D. said...

Such a cute cake! Very creative!

Oh, I have to say, I love that pool and I'm so glad you got it into working condition!

Bluemeya said...

Oh the cake looks wonderful!!! We were so sad that we were unable to come! Life sure has been throwing me some curveballs lately!
Miss you all and cant wait to see you soon! I'll be up and driving in no time! xoxo

DJ Kirkby said...

Can I go swimming too? Huh? Huh? That cake is fab, you're so clever!

Anonymous said...

Keep in contact. Good Luck..................................................