Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shoutin' From the Roof Tops

I'm so excited I could just pee my pants! The Mulberries are ripe!! It's been a slow torture watching the berries form and grow slightly bigger week by week and then all of a sudden, they're ready! I have 4 mulberry trees and they ripen at different times, but we are getting tons of berries. yum yum yum!

Seeing "berry faces" is a regular thing around here. We pop berries into our mouths whenever we walk by one of the trees. You don't want to see the "berry feet"!

We even go in our jammies in the morning to munch on berries before breakfast!

I love that we are teaching Peter to pick and eat berries, too. Took a few tries but he understands now which berries to pick. The branches have so many berries on them, they are touching the ground, which makes it easier on me, I don't have to pull branches down for the kids-- they can just pick their own and the ones I pick for the berry bucket stay in there!

Another happy berry face!
The black raspberries and cherries are ripening too, so we are filling up on all kinds of fruit! My cherry tree is still small, so I still want to pick from the local PYO cherry orchard, but it's nice to eat my own cherries! Peter really likes the cherries, too. I eat half of the cherry and pull the seed out, then give him the other half to eat. He makes me stay there and pick more cherries for him and if I try to walk away he blocks me and pushes me back under the cherry branches. Looks like he'll be a cherry lover like me! :o)


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow that seems early! Our raspberries are only just begining to flower. xo

Karen Mayes said...


I am planning to plant the raspberry bushes after we move to a house this summer so that we'd have berries next year! Hopefully, anyway...