Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feelin' (Not So) Blue

Memorial weekend around here means 4 days of yard sales, so went spent a few hours each day hitting the sales, looking for that elusive vintage metal bed. No luck on the bed, but we did find a few other things.
Like this blue corner hutch. Ain't it sweet? The blue is growing on me and I like how it pops with the yellow wall behind it. I'll be taking off the hearts on the bottom and I'll try and color-match the paint to touch up the spots here and there. It was ~only~ 20 bucks! A steal for solid wood furniture!

At another sale, we picked up the items you see on the shelves: sweet vintage tin cake carrier with an asian design on it, promoted by Uneeda Biscuit Co*., which later became Nabisco (*see bold lettering). A near mint vintage Fisher Price clown car pull along toy (I'll sell that later), and a cookie/candy tin to add to my collection of english-made tins. At the same yard sale, I found some extra nice children's clothing for Fall/Winter for only 50 cents apiece, and a brand new Discovery Toys Labyrinth game. Looking forward to playing that with the kids.

At a different yard sale, I scored 11 of these great Hazel-Atlas half-gallon canning jars! $7 for all of them and I'm pretty pleased about that! They sell half-gallon Ball jars brand new for about $10 each around here. I don't actually can with these, but I use them for juice, teas, wine and syrup in the fridge. I'm really trying to use less plastic for food storage and these jars will sure come in handy for that.

The last yard sale we went to felt more like a museum than a yard sale. I didn't have my camera with me at the time or else I would have taken pictures. Everything was vintage and in near-mint condition! The people must have spent years collecting the stuff, and they were either down-sizing their collections or running out of room and something had to go. There was a sweeeeeet mustang for sale that Andrew drooled all over, garage-kept and in perfect condition; lots of mint vintage games and toys, christmas decorations, collector's items models and posters and more. We enjoyed looking at everything, and I picked up a couple things-- chinese checkers in the original box, a box set of children's puzzles and christmas tree metal icicles. I think I could have easily bought more, but I have my own basement full of stuff that I need to get rid of.

I passed up on a lot of pyrex bowls and other glass dishes... I love them, but I really do have too many bowls. I sold quite a few of them on ebay and I still have more I need to whittle out and keep only my absolute favorites. We'll be having a yard sale of our own this summer, for sure!

Find anything good lately?



育德 said...


Stephanie D. said...

I probably would have run out of money before I reached the last yard sale--that's always my luck. Nice corner hutch!

Oh, and, I think your header is a wee bit out of date. lol

jenny said...

Stephanie D-- Me too.. That's usually my dilema, find something and get it now, or wait and see if something better comes along. I've been choosy this yard sale season, and I still have money by the time I get home!

And I know about the header! lol I've been meaning to change it but haven't found the right photo yet! Thanks for the kick in the butt to do something about it! haha!

Carol said...

Ooohhh i do love a good bargain and it certainly looks like you got some great ones!! I wish there were more yard sales here!!

C x