Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lighting Up My Corner

Yard sale season is starting up around here and I am raring to go! We didn't get out much last summer-- money, gas, money; but this year promises to be a little bit better and I have plans to go yard sale-ing! I already had some good finds at the yard sales last Saturday, and I found this little gem of a lamp:
It's the nicest glass lamp I've seen in a while and I just love it! It was in a box all jumbled together with other stuff and when I pulled it out, it had $3.00 written on a piece of tape stuck to it. I picked out something else and asked the guy how much, and he shrugged and said "a dollar?" Sold!!

Not bad for 50 cents, eh? Look at the pretty detail in the base.. I thought I might need to rewire it, but the cord is sound and it looks like someone else rewired it 20 years ago or so... So all I needed to do was find a shade for it.

Perfect! I have been looking for just the right lamp for my nightstand, and have been changing out the lamps for quite some time now. I think I must have gone through 6 or 7 of them so far, none of them feeling quite right.

Here's a corner shot.. I think it looks perfect!
It takes me quite a while to decorate, I have to live with the space to get a feel for it and then I can decide what I want to put there. I still have a couple of items I want to hang on the wall, but I need to finish them first. It is slowly getting there!
Find anything good lately?

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barefoot gardener said...

Ooooh, that lamp is so pretty! So glad you found a treasure just for you, at a price that just can't be beat!