Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last Saturday, the 10th, I thought most of us were mostly better and we all went to the birthday party/easter gathering. Andrew and I were still sniffling, but the kids seemed to be alright.
More than a week later, most of us are still down with the sickies. I am so sad that my children look like this most of the time:
Poor Sylvia.
There have been lots of early nights, much napping, lots of wadded tissues found here and there, cough drops to ease those sore throats, and extra blankets on these nice Spring days.
Poor Andrew is hit the hardest, I think. He has chills and lots of sinus troubles and I think it may be a combination of the sickies and the pollen around here. Our local paper says it's the first time in nearly 100 years that apple and peach trees have blossoms at the same time and also a first is redbuds and forsythias blooming together. It's an explosion of colors and flowers here and oh so pretty to look at when we drive out.
Nearly all our flowering trees are blooming, or have already bloomed-- the lilacs, dogwoods, azaleas, redbuds, rhododendrons, peach, pears, and cherries.
Hopefully, we'll all soon be completely done with the sickies. I'm sick of being sick.


Keri said...

Aww, you poor things. Hope you all feel better soon! Have you tried the neti pot? It works WONDERS for sinuses! During the pollen season in the spring and in the fall, I use it once a day. When I'm hit with a sinus infection, I use it twice a day and I'm back to myself within two days! All you need is a neti pot and sea salt. Be sure to OPEN YOUR MOUTH when you stick the pot in your nostril so that the water will come out the other nostril. If your mouth is closed, it goes down your throat! Yuck. ;)

I honestly swear by this method! I am immune to antibiotics so it would take weeks and weeks for me to recover from a sinus infection. Since using the neti pot, I have not had a sinus infection again which means no more antibiotics! =)

jenny said...

Keri--I have heard good things about the neti pot. I don't get sinus infections (knock on wood), but Andrew gets them at least once a year. It takes him a while to get over it, so maybe he would be willing to try the neti pot. I'll go and check it out! Thanks for the info! :o)

We are all slowly getting better.. Andrew still has the worst of it, so not so much kissing going on there! :o( But the kids, at least, are finally looking so much better and not asking for cough drops as often either. Thanks sweetie for thinking of us. :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh I hope you're all feeling 100% better soon! It sounds very beautiful outside there at the moment. Our cherry tree is in blossom at the moment but that's it. xo