Monday, April 20, 2009

Nails, Bowls and Flowers

How was your weekend? Mine? Let's just say it started out on the wrong foot- literally!
One of the advantages of living in a small town is that when you step on a nail and need to go to the emergency room, the small town hospital on a Friday night looks like this:

There were only 5 cars in the parking lot and I'm betting they all belonged to the hospital workers. The waiting room was empty and the nurses looked happy to have someone to attend to. Oh, how did I step on a nail? In the process of building our chicken coop, we have to take apart some pallets. One of the wood pieces had an old nail sticking out and it wasn't properly taken care of right away. You can rest assured that they will be now! Went right through my shoe! Ouch ouch ouch! I had to get a tetanus shot. Double ouch ouch ouch!

Saturday, even with a sore foot, I was determined to hit some of the first yard sales of the season. I'm so glad I did! The weekend was totally redeemed with this great set of mixing bowls.

Look at the detail! Lovely raised diamond motif with leaves and columns all the way around and scalloped edges. So nice!

Look at the pink one! Ohhh purty! It's not very often I can find a complete set of mixing bowls that date back to the 20's or 30's like these. Guess how much I paid for the set? $50? $25? Try $10! Eeeeee! Only $10! I could easily sell the set for ten times as much, but I think these will stay with me, at least for now.

We also got some garden planting done, a row of potatoes and peas went in. The coop made a little bit of progress and we did some burning around the edges of the property.

The girls picked flowers for me and there is nothing more lovely than daffodils in a mason jar while eating lunch. Just a little tip: be sure to check for spiders in the flowers before you bring them in the house!


Teeeeeena said...

oooh,oooh, hope u are okay now. Those bowls and flowers sure brighten up the unfortunate accident. :0)

jenny said...

Teena!! Eeeee!!! You started a blog!! Yay!!! I MISSSSSSS YOUUUU! Aren't the bowls pretty!?! Looking forward to keeping up with you thru your blog. love you xoxox

Karen Mayes said...

Ouch about your foot...

Yup, the country hospitals tend to be quiet compared to the city no waiting period for you ;o)

Clyde Egbert said...


First things first... I've found your blog a great read a long while, but I never really sat down and posted a response.. its kinda cheesy typing 'nice post, nice pix' (no offense people who did.. its just not me)

Please do let me know when you get your Etsy site up.

I have many kids, like you.. 2 girls and a boy (in order its Girl-6 Boy-3 Girl-6mo) and a dog.

current well 6 months ago - pix of me

email me - if you can get it from this setup - let me know if you cant.. we can take it from there.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hope your foot is feeling better! Those mixing bowls are gorgeous and so are your dadffodils!

jenny said...

Karen-- yeah, we debated going to the bigger hospital, but I'm glad we went to the one in town. I doubt I would have gotten home so soon had we gone to the bigger one.

Clyde-- Wow! What a rush that must have been, your wife having a baby in the car! So glad everything turned out alright for you all. I'll send you an email as soon as I figure out how to get it! lol

Dj-- My foot is much better, thank you for asking. I got it in the ball of my foot about a 1/2 inch in. I limped for a few days and I can walk normally now, but it's still tender. I hope I never step on another nail again! Ouch!

Clyde Egbert said...

clyde.egbert at gmail

jenny said...

Clyde-- :o) Thanks!