Saturday, April 11, 2009

Future Surgeon?

As any busy mother knows, or rather, as any busy frugal mother knows, the sewing repair pile, well, piles up. At any given time, I have several pairs of ripped pants, torn dolly clothes, frayed hems and holey socks to fix. Once in a while, I'll also have a teddy bear or a dolly to fix, too.
One of the girls' cloth-bodied doll had a ripped gut. I put it in the repair pile, but as usually happens, it doesn't start high on my priority list every day, so I admit, it sat in the pile longer than usual.
"Mom, when are you going to sew my dolly?" I'd hear at various times and my standard reply was, "Soon." Apparently, soon wasn't soon enough and the question changed to: "Mom, can you teach me to sew it myself?" Well, of course I can!
After I started it and showed Oldest how to sew it up, she took over with gusto!

Just look at the concentration on her face!

And that tongue! I just love when the tongue comes out when they don't realize it. I do it, too.

Not too shabby, eh? Pretty good work for a first time repair job. The operation was a success, but definete scarring.

I'm so proud of Oldest and I know she is proud of herself, too. Good job honey!


Stephanie D. said...

Attagirl! Soon you might just be able to turn that repair pile over to her--and she'll enjoy it!

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhh.... cute! I'd better start teaching my daughter the art of sewing. She already knows how to do cross stitching and knitting, but not sewing (mending) yet, so I will do that...

jenny said...

Stephanie- That would be great if she did my repair pile for me someday!!

Karen-- Wow! Your girl cross-stitches and knits?? She's already ahead of Oldest. I've been teaching her basic sewing and how to use the sewing machine.

Karen Mayes said...

Oh, I felt safe with teaching her the skills because the needles are not sharp, like sewing/mending needles are sharp. Soooo... I avoided teaching her that mending skill...

By the way, she is NOT skilled, but she understands the concepts of knitting and of X-stitching.