Friday, July 18, 2008

Stitch Itch

I've had an itch to stitch lately, but with a baby that I need to nurse every so often and 3 little girls that also need my attention, it's hard to carve out some sewing time for me.

I finally stole some time today to work on the sewing machine on a quickie little project I've had awhile. Some time ago, I found some cute strawberry fabric with the elastic at the top, on clearance and I knew that it would make a great summer dress for the girls. I whipped these up in about 30 minutes (would have been quicker if I didn't keep getting interrupted with "Are you done yet, mama? Now are you done? Is it ready?") and the girls have been wearing them ever since.

I used some cute ribbon for the shoulder straps and oldest wanted her dress to be strapless, but she compromised and accepted straps that tie behind her neck, halter style.

I've got my sewing fix and the girls get dresses out of the deal. I'm happy, they're happy, we're all happy! Except baby, who started crying the last 10 minutes of my sewing and Hubby had to soothe and comfort him until I finished. Thanks Hubby! :o)


Lantana said...

Precious! I used to make my girls' clothes too, I really enjoyed it. But years later while looking at some old pictures, my daughter and I spied her in one of those felt skirts with snowmen glued all around the bottom. She wore it to a xmas program the kids were putting on at school. I worked hard! Today my daughter tells me how much she HATED that skirt. I would never have guessed. She wore it with a smile. Your family is beautiful, but we have not seen your hubby yet!


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Your girls look like they love their dresses. Everyone made out on this project, you got to sew a little, and the girls got their new sundresses! I don't see how you do it, with 4 little ones...
Bravo to hubby for taking over for a little bit.

Sparx said...

30 minutes? 30 minutes? It took me longer than that to hem the spud's curtains!!

jenny said...

Lantana-- Your girl was a sweetheart for wearing an outfit she didn't like. She probably thought she had no choice. When I was a kid, I never gave a second thought to clothes, until I went to 7th grade and I got teased for my socks. Socks!!

Trapper-- I just make the time.. even with 4 little ones. I try to give them something to do first and then I manage some time of my own. I'm pleased to say that they STILL like their dresses, they aren't crumpled in the corner of the closet! :o)

Sparx-- I confess-- there was no hemming involved. Already had a neat edge so I forgoed the hemming and just sewed up the side and stitched in the straps. easy!