Thursday, July 17, 2008


I really don't want to share the news about this great contest, because then there would be more people entering and my chances of winning get slimmer and slimmer, but on the other hand, by sharing the details, I increase my chances. What's a girl to do?

Over at the Old Red Barn Co, Dana is giving away a quilt that she made and loves so much she wants to wear it's letterman jacket and go to the homecoming dance with it. Me, too! It's such a lovely quilt made with beautiful fabrics with a hint of vintage to it and then backed with a vintage sheet. I can just see this on one of the girls' bed, that is, IF I win it and IF I can give it up and share it!

Click on the link above, or on the picture of the quilt in my sidebar and go see for yourself. But shhh!! Don't tell anyone! Pretty please? :o)


Lantana said...

To me it is very interesting what young people call "vintage". True vintage would not be wash and wear! I can recall my poor mother ironing all of our sheets! Wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday, and believe me, my mother stuck to that religiously! 'Self discipline, something many of us do not have this day and age, me included. The quilt is beautiful, true "50's" colors! Turquoise is still my favorite color of all time. Thanks for the glimpse.


jenny said...

Lantana-- I was told once, that to be an antique, it must be 25 years or older. To be vintage it must be a little older than 10-15 years. So all these sheets I find are from the 70s-80s, which makes them vintage, almost antique. But I feel funny calling sheets "antique".