Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Magic

I have ventured out 3 times with the baby and the rest of the family to the stores. Every time we go out, I pop the baby out of the car seat, and nurse him under a blanket while we shop. And every time, I get stopped by a fellow shopper that has spied tiny baby feet peeking out from under the blanket.

I realize that newborns are a fascination with people. How long do those tiny baby feet stay so tiny? It won't be long before that tiny baby becomes a crawling, walking, running toddler. But I do wish that people would admire from afar. I don't know who you are and I really don't want strange people reaching out to touch my baby's feet or to try and pull the blanket off. I wrote about this happening before, with my other children.

Today, while in line to pay at the food store, the lady behind me asked me if she could touch his feet. Why? What would you get out of touching his feet? Do you really need to touch them? Can't you just look at them and keep your hands to yourself? I have never felt compelled to touch a strangers' kid. I might smile or wave if the kid is looking at me, but usually I keep my hands to myself. I wish people would do the same for my kids.

I think, as much as I want to go along, I'll be sending Hubby off to the stores and staying home with the kids. It is easier, and less stressful on all of us, to have one of us go alone than to bring the whole family to the store. When we go to the big, super Wal-mart, it is so big that by the time we get near to the end of the shopping, the girls have had enough. They are getting tired and we all know what happens to kids when they're tired-- they get cranky and go deaf. Then when the kids are cranky, the parents get cranky.

We were maybe 6 or 7 aisles away from the end of the shopping trip, and the girls were not listening very well anymore. They were running up and down the aisles and keeping an eye on 3 little ones while shopping is not very fun. Hubby gets cranky quicker than I do in the stores, so I am trying to rush things along and when I rush, I usually forget a thing (or 5) on my list. Right in the middle of this, an older lady spotted the baby on my shoulder and stepped in my path, stopped me and put her hand on his head and back. She started trying to guess how old he was and saying she knew these things about babies and blah blah blah. I'm not a rude person. I don't like confrontations. I'm trying to be polite and backing up, but there's a wall of food behind me so there's no where to go. Meanwhile, I have Hubby behind me who is getting worked up with the girls and this lady just doesn't get it. After I told her I had to go, we all rushed past and into the next aisle. Of course, I didn't get what was on my list in the previous aisle because of our rushing away.

Yes, I think I'll just stay home, away from the stores for awhile, at least until the baby is older and his tiny baby feet don't peek out from under a blanket and entrance strangers.


Karen Mayes said...

Going shopping with children can be a challenge. Try going to Toy 'R Us... *pulling hair* agggghhhhh! ;o)

Oh, newborn feet... they are the most beautiful part, huh? Unfortunately, like puppies and kittens, the feet grow up. :oP

Wendy said...

I never got it, either, with people wanting to touch my children or my belly when I was pregnant. sheesh! Hands off, people! Don't people know that's how germs are passed?

With my littlest three I used a sling, and mostly, people left them alone, because they were in the sling, right up next to my body, and they'd have to get way too close to me to touch my child, and most people just wouldn't do that.

Rob Clack said...

It would never have occurred to me that total strangers might want to touch your child (I have none, so no experience) but I think it's simply outrageous! How dare they?

Dianrez said...

Sounds familiar. When my oldest was a stroller baby, another child not much older suddenly ran up to her and kissed her on the face. Unfortunately my kid caught an infection that took a visit to the doctor to clear up. Fortunately, this was the only bad result out of many, many touches of all my children over the years.

It's natural to be defensive of one's self and kids, but people love kids and touching is one way to show love. Try to grin and bear it. Me, I just make eyes at little kids in waiting lines and they giggle back.

jenny said...

Karen-- I can't even tell you the last time I was at Toys R us!! We simply don't go there. I don't even want to try it now with 4 kids! I'll never make it out alive! :o)

Wendy-- I've always wanted to try the sling. I never got it because I hated to think I might not like it and then I've wasted money on something I'll never use. Come to think of it, I ought to see if I can find one on ebay for cheap. Or maybe find a pattern and try making my own? hmmm

I'm not touchy-feely with people I don't know, so when strangers want to touch me or the kids, I don't like it. When Hubby is with me and the kids, he looks mean enough that people stay away.

Rob-- It was a rude awakening when I had our first child. Especially when I have them covered with a blanket and people pull the blanket off!

Dianrez-- I am a little more flexible about it when my kids are older, but when it is a teeny tiny baby, I'd rather people not touch. You just never know who has a cold or some other germs on their hands and when one kid gets sick, sooner or later, they ALL get sick!

Lantana said...

I am relieved that your story did not involve some hearie making a remark that it is amazing the deaf people can have babies and raise them. Whew!

Your story reminded me that there are times when hearies can make us feel like a subculture!


Sparx said...

I've sworn off shopping with the spud for a while, it's just too too much and he's always in hysterics by the time I'm done... you're one brave woman going with 4 of them and I'd stay home too if I were you.

Dianrez said...

Oh, another thought: take just one kid at a time to the store. Yeah, it depends on who you can get to mind the others at home...but it gives you a great chance to get one-on-one quality time with the one...and it teaches the whole brood that going shopping with Mommy is a treat that has to be earned by good behavior.

jenny said...

Lantana-- I don't think I've ever had anyone say anything like that to me. Closest would be when they ask me if my kids can hear.

Sparx-- I don't go alone!! Oh heck no!! If I have to take all 4, the hubby is coming, too! They're usually prety good, unless it's been a long day or they're tired. Best to go in the mornings.

Dianrez-- I have done that, and it's nice to do with each child alone.