Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shoo Trouble! Go Away!

You know how they say trouble comes in threes?? I sure hope that's true because I can't take anymore!

First, last week, I wrote about how I twisted my ankle. The swelling is down some, but it hasn't gone away completely, thanks for asking. Sunday, my boss at the store asked me to come in that day to help a customer bring in 7,500 clothing items. Even though it was my birthday, I was happy to come in and help and earn a little extra money. I walked in and saw bin after bin after bin full of clothing. Whoa! So that's what 7,500 pieces of clothing look like! After we get them on the racks, we have to scan the bar codes and enter the price before we roll them down to the permanent racks. While I was pulling a rack full of clothing to the permanent racks, the wheel caught my heel (I was wearing my ever present Birkenstocks) and sliced my heel open. Ouch ouch ouch!! I look down and a good two inches of skin is hanging down and blood trickles down my heel. Oh dear. I spent the rest of the evening limping and favoring my poor twisted ankle that now sports a cut on the heel.

Then on Monday, while at the parking lot of the store that I am working at, Oldest slammed the sliding van door on my left middle finger. I screamed like a girl (oh wait, that's cuz I am a girl) and had to reach over with my right hand to grab the door handle and open it. **commence hopping around waving finger in the air** I had to remind myself to breathe and not scare the little ones who are watching mommy go a little nuts. I know Oldest didn't do it on purpose and, in fact, I remember slamming the car door on my own mother's finger when I was little. So I guess it's karma for me. But I hope it's true, that trouble comes in threes.

My boss at the store is not being very nice to me. I walked in on Tuesday and a big sign said "Free kittens to a good home" **gasp!** Now you guys know that kittens are my weakness. Don't the 7 cats we have here tell you anything about that?? So of course I made the mistake of peeking in on the 2 kittens and I'm smitten. I am smitten for the kittens. Looks like one of them may be deaf! Agh! That doesn't help matters! A deaf cat for a deaf girl! How perfect could that be?! All day I slip in and out of the closed office that the kittens are locked up in and sit on the floor and play with them. Snap my fingers and make kissy sounds to see if the cat hears me, or even moves his ears towards the sounds I make. Nothing. He cries a lot, I think because he can't hear himself crying and doesn't realize he is doing it, but he cries enough that he has earned the name, Crybaby. Ohh, I'm smitten, I tell you!

Now that I am home, I took the day off today, I have come to my senses. The kittens have lost their hold on me and I am awake and alert and I am NOT taking a kitten home. No! I am NOT smitten with the kittens! (repeat 100 times: I am NOT smitten with the kittens! I am NOT smitten with the kittens...) Seriously, we have 7 cats already and don't need anymore. Eventually we just want to have 2 cats after all of these go on to cat heaven in their own time, when they're ready, when they are old and grey, rocking in their little cat rocking chairs. I sent my boss an email telling her that no, I will NOT be taking a kitten home with me and when I go back to work, I will make it a point to avoid the office where the kittens are. Kittens? What kittens?

My next post will be in a few days from now. I'll be working daily until Sunday when I take the day off to recuperate and recharge for Monday and the rest of the week. Thanks to all of you for checking in with me and for wishing me a happy birthday. Dj Kirkby gave me a lovely birthday present: a Nice Matters award. I'll post it later and pass it on when I have more time to write. Til next time!


Krissie said...

Oldest slammed the sliding van door on my left middle finger.

One time, as Dad drove me home, I got out of the car, then remembered I had something to say to him and stuck my head back into it. Unfortunately, my hand didn't realise I was gonna do that. Instead, my hand slammed the door right into my head! Can you say Gaaaaaah! ?

Don't the 7 cats we have here tell you anything about that??

And the Crazy Cat Lady returns!

Dana said...

Oh, come on. What's one more tiny little kitten?

Hope the ankle and the heel and the finger are all feeling better soon!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh poor you , hope you are all better now. Wah, I want a sweet little deaf kitten who cries becuase he can't hear the noise...I would take him home, smooth him and tell him I love him and I havent even met him!

jenny said...

Krissie-- I've done that too.. My hands move before I can stop them and bang! Ouch!

Dana-- Oh, don't tempt me!! LOL! Feeling better! Thanks for your well wishes.

DJ-- Kittens are still there, and I came home the other night telling Hubby that I am getting weak again. His reply? "I get the feeling we are going to have some kittens soon!"

"You wouldn't get mad if I brought them home?" I ask.

"No. It would be ok."

Well.. If no one takes them home, I think I will.