Friday, September 7, 2007

Favorite Self-Portrait

Freckled Nest is having a "Favorite Self-Portrait" contest. You enter by leaving a comment and a link to a favorite photo of yourself and the prize is a very cool handmade photobooth album. Today is the last day to enter the contest, though, so if you want to enter, hurry! I have a few photos of myself that have always ranked high on my favorites list and it took me this long to decide which one to post. The reason it took me so long is because it isn't exactly a self-portrait but I love the picture! When I lived in Maine, once upon a time, I was a member of the local BJ's Warehouse store and you needed an ID membership to shop there. The picture on my ID is one of my top favorites! So here it is:
Does this count, LA? Does anyone else have a favorite ID photo??


Freckled Nest said...

Hi Jenny,
Yes this counts! Love a good ID photo :) Good stuff :)

DJ Kirkby said...

That is SUCH a nice pic of you. What a great grin!

Elsie Button said...

Wow, you are a beauty! i reckon we should all start posting pics of ourselves up - it's nice to see the face behind the blog...

lady macleod said...

Look at that smile! Just what were YOU up to lass?

jenny said...

FF-- Glad it counts! But darn it! I didn't win. shucks!

DJ-- Thank you! I was in a good mood that day, and it is one of my better ID pics.

Elsie-- *blush* Thank you! I had qualms about posting a pic of myself, but DJ brought me out with a dare some time ago. So I figured I might as well show myself more often. Don't worry, no naked bodies hiding in a trench coat here! :o)

Lady M-- I've always been a 'grinner'! I like to smile and one of my favorite features on Hubby's face are his laugh lines around his eyes and mouth. Tells me he is a happy person!