Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dishtowel People

I didn't go in to work today because Middle and Youngest are sick and Oldest is getting the sniffles. I didn't want to bring them in to work with me and spread their germy germs and get the other kids there sick, too. I couldn't leave them home with Daddy because he had some job leads to follow up on. So we stayed home and I was able to do battle with the growing pile of laundry, make banana bread with perfectly over-ripe bananas and made dishtowel people with the girls. I have an old activity book for kids and Oldest was thumbing through it when she came upon a page that showed how to make dolls from a hankerchief. Well, I certainly don't have any hankerchiefs lying around so I switched it to dishtowels. Aren't they cute??
Here's how to make 'em:
Spread out your dishtowel.
Roll up both ends til they meet in the middle.
Fold in half.
Turn around and carefully unravel the top half.
Roll up the unraveled top half.
Carefully flip over.
Tie the rolled up ends over. Presto!! Dishtowel person!
Oldest drew their faces on with a permanent marker. I'll have happy face towels when they are done playing with their people.
Between wiping noses, chasing after Middle with a dropper full of cough medicine, and rocking a whiny Youngest to sleep, it was a productive day. I'll be escaping tomorrow and heading back to work while Hubby stays home with the girls. Hopefully they are feeling better in the morning and they can have fun with Daddy. They don't look sick in the picture, but that's because I wiped all their snotty noses first and they are just beginning their sugar high after snacking on some fruit snacks. They crashed and burned shortly after this was taken and it wasn't pretty.
Won't be posting again until next week! Have a great weekend!


LaRonda said...

Very cute idea! Very cute little girls! They have the biggest, brightest smiles!

~ LaRonda

Blogging Molly said...

Very cute and fun! I hope the sniffles go away soon, but in the meantime, the dishtowel people may come in handy for wiping noses.

Freckled Nest said...

your kiddies are ADORABLE!!

yep...i poke it in the but. this will explain things, ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

Ah cute pic and what a lovely mom you are. You youngest two sure look the spit of you. I've seen pics of husband but not sure if oldest looks like him or not, who do you think she favours? I am going to try making a dish towel person with N3S.

lady macleod said...

The dolls are cute, but the girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great photograph , I am still smiling! I do hope they are all feeling better soon. Good job mum.

gmcountrymama said...

Your kids are very cute. The dolls are cute also and would make good nose wipers.
I hope your ankle, heel and finger are better.

Sparx said...

oh, so cool! Like origami for fabric! Thanks for posting the pic of the kids too, it's lovely to have an image of them now - they look so lovely too, you lucky Mum. Must have been quite a fun afternoon hanging out with the tea towels too!

jenny said...

Laronda-- Thank you! They certainly brighten up my life! :o)

Molly-- Just my thought when I was folding the dishtowels: handy nose wipers! Their sniffles are fading, but it seems I've caught them! argh!

LA-- Love the pix!! Too funny!! :oD And thanks for explaining!!

DJ-- Thank you. I think Oldest looks more like me and the younger two look like Hubby's side of the family. They are the spitting image of his mother when she was a child with blond curls. They all have my big fat toe, though!! So funny to see my one big toe and then the rest of the toes are Hubbys!

Did you make a dish towel person with N3S yet?

Lady M-- They are all coming around. Youngest broke her fever today. But as I told Molly, I'm starting to get the sniffles now. Isn't that what families do? Share things? LOL!

GMCountrymama-- Welcome!! Heel, ankle and finger are much better, thank you. I may make a dishtowel person for myself next! :o)

Sparx-- Now you can see why Hubby wants to dig a moat around the house for those future dates with boys!! LOL!

Blue Yonder said...

These are really cute, Jenny! We're going to have to make some for sure. Thanks so much for the how-to