Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scrambled Thoughts

Having to think up 8 different things about myself while doing the tagging games took me down a path I haven't been down in awhile. It was nice to sit and think about what I've done and where I've been. It isn't something I get to do much of, since chasing 3 little ones around the house, and we can't forget Hubby, take up most of my time. My mind is constantly in motion, always thinking about one thing or another, and even Hubby knows that my head is a never-ending stream of thoughts and ideas. Before I can close my eyes at night, I have to shut down my brain by reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle or something that helps me turn off for the night. If I don't, I end up tossing and turning, my thoughts leading to a jumble of other thoughts.

Here is an example of how my mind works: I'll be thinking of what I need to make for dinner tonight and I head to the pantry, on the way over, my mind is mentally picturing the items on the shelves, when I step on a lego block, my mind zips over to *pain* and I kick it away, and now my mind is thinking I need to get after the girls to start picking up their toys, which leads me to thinking about the basement playroom and how it looks like a toy bomb went off, which is why they are banned from the basement until they learn to pick up their toys which leads to why they were banned in the first place which leads to the oldest biting the middle on the cheek and leaving bite marks 2 days later, which leads to feeling bad for the middle one and hoping she is feeling better and hoping it won't be noticeable tomorrow when we go to Walmart which leads me to thinking I need to buy more bandaids and neosporin>>>gotta write that on the list>>>seeing the grocery list makes me think of dinner again>>>going back to the pantry now>>> and all this in the space of a minute or 2. See how my poor mind suffers??

It is a rare day when my mind is completely quiet and I have a moment to myself and not have to think about where the girls are or if they need anything or I need to tell Hubby something or there is something that needs to be picked up, cleaned up, put away..... Since I am a stay at home mom, or as I prefer to say, a housewife, I don't get to go out very often. Hubby goes to work everyday and my job is to care for the girlies. I relish the 2 hours I get to myself every week when I go to the food store by myself. The freedom of not having to always know where the girls are and to just walk around without a kid hanging from my shirt or tripping over a kid that stops suddenly and sees something on the floor to pick up. Which leads me to think about a memory I remember of doing exactly that to my own mom when I was about 3 or 4 and we were walking down the hallway and I spotted a penny on the floor so I stopped to pick it up and here comes mom, not seeing me in the dark hallway and she flew over me and went splat on her face! She chewed me out and told me never to do that again, to let her know I am stopping or to move to the side and let whoever is behind me go. Which leads me to thinking about tonight, after giving the girls their bath and sending them into their rooms all wrapped up in towels and turning off the light, making the hallway dark, and tripping over the middle girl ducking down to pick up the doll she dropped on the floor.

I'm looking at the clock thinking I need to wrap this up so I can skedaddle and watch "Lost" on TV which leads me to think that I need to get dirty dishes from dinner washed and a load of laundry tossed into the dryer and then a quick stop in the bathroom which leads me to think I need to get all those newspapers into the recycle bin which leads me to remind myself once again not to forget to take the aluminum cans to the recycle center on Saturday morning which reminds me I want to go yard sale hopping and then I remember it's memorial weekend and there might not be too many sales and leads me to think about the sales at the food store for memorial weekend and how I wish we had a new grill since our old one finally kicked the bucket and thinking that Hubby has a 3 day weekend and maybe we can go somewhere for the day and I should print out a map route and that leads me to thinking about "Lost" again and looking at the clock......


sufferingsummer said...

I think we are made of the same stuff...
this was fun to read if not a little too familiar.

lady macleod said...

Yes, I am exhausted now just reading that! It's amazing you don't blow a fuse.

I have always been fascinated by the way different people "see" their mind and how it works. I have a long hallway and file cabinets and a computer panel with one room at the end for tossing random thoughts and facts, and one room for scary emotions. Q's grandmother has a big parlor with things on the table and on cushions. Q has data on CDs spread about different rooms. Everyone seems to have their own method.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday. I do appreciate it.

Elsie Button said...

it's so true, i feel like this too!

and who ever said that us stay at home mums (and dads)/housewives don't have enough to think about. my poor little brain has never been so overloaded.

Drunk Mummy said...

Jenny - go straight to the kitchen, get a bottle of wine and a corkscrew (don't bother with the glass) and have a large slug of wine straight from the bottle. Repeat that last bit until you feel much calmer. There! Isn't that better?

jenny said...

S.S.- Thats how I feel when I read your posts..

L.M.-- I think I have blown a fise, I'm just so wound up I havent noticed yet! I think our minds resemble how we are in reality. I attempt to organize my house and that's what my mind looks like-- numerous attempts, abandoned all! I know it will take some time, but life does go on, just remember to breathe once in awhile.

E.B-- Hubby once read somewhere that if housewives got paid, we'd make over $300,000 a year. Sounds about right to me!!

D.M.-- *Hiccup!* thaa'ss juss wha ah needed! Thankssss *Hiccup!*