Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm It--- Again!

I've been tagged again, this time by: Dj Kirkby. I hope this will be the last time, as it gets difficult trying to think of things to share (read: what I am willing to share) about myself. In case you are a new reader... I have to list 8 things that you don't know about me and then I tag another 5 people to share things about themselves. I won't be tagging anyone else, but if you want to tag yourself, you are more than welcome to! Here we go...

  1. I have a tattoo on my right ankle of a peace sign made up of flowers. It was an 18th birthday gift to myself during my hippie days in college. Parental Units were mad. ( And no, I don't regret it.. I still stand for peace and flower power!)
  2. I sewed and made all the window curtains in our house. I am currently working on the living room curtains and am about half-way done.
  3. A teacher once caught me french-kissing a boy in class! He was reading a newspaper and we decided to play truth-or-dare. I was dared to kiss the boy sitting next to me. The exact moment we kissed, the teacher put his paper down and caught us! No one got in trouble but the game was over!
  4. I collect old Pyrex dishes and mixing bowls. I have too many to count and use them, display them, and sell off the extra ones.
  5. When I was little, we used to live near some railroad tracks. I used to ride my tricycle back and forth over the tracks when the train was coming until I chickened out. (Sorry Mom and Dad!)
  6. I dream of opening my own thrift or antique shop someday. My basement is filled with boxes of old stuff and furniture. We call it "the store". Until then, eBay will do.
  7. Once, a friend and I were at a dance club, and we were dancing together. A very persistent guy wanted to dance with me, but he didn't pass approval in the looks department (yes, we judged by looks. we were 21!) and I told him to buzz off. Someone bumped into me and I fell and scraped my palm. Mr. Persistent saw, grabbed my hand and licked my blood! Ewww! I snatched my hand away and called him a vampire! Mr. Vampire wouldn't leave, so my friend and I kissed each other and he finally left. So now you know why girls always travel in pairs, to keep guys like Mr. Vampire away!
  8. We bought a canoe about 6 years ago before the kids came along. We still haven't used it. sigh....

Alrighty! I am officially retired from these Tagging games!! If you want to tag yourself and say I did it, then you have my permission! Go forth and share 8 things about yourself, and let me know you did! Ta-ta!


lady macleod said...

Tatoos, public displays of affection, high risk behavior,lesbianism as a defense - oh my giddy aunt!

Sure sure there is the sewing, collecting junk, uh antiques, and an expanded collection of bowls just in case there is a storage emergency, but that hardly hides your true nature you vixen you!

jenny said...

L.M-- You make me laugh!! Now just where did that come from? "Oh my giddy aunt!" Unless you actually have a giddy aunt??

The Good Woman said...

I'm in awe - another eight things. You are amazing Mama!

DJ Kirkby said...

ooops! Sorry! I didnt realise that Elsie and I both read your blog and that YOU had tagged HER, must slow down long enough to put two and two together... Your tatoo sounds just gorgeous!

Elsie Button said...

Mr Vampire story has made me feel sick. I wonder what ever became of him? well done for coming up with another 8 things though. it's bloody hard! i wish i could sew. i tried to make some curtains once. they were embarrassing, and didn't fit length or width ways. and it all came undone. and they weren't lined. i ended up nailing some material to the wall across the window. i should have just bought some. i have treated us to nice ones since though.

jenny said...

G.W.-- Aww, shucks!! Thanks!

Dj-- No biggie-- I sorta, kind, dont mind doing the Tagging games, except I got tagged so close together, I contracted 'brain-drain'!! I like my tattoo and always talk about getting another one, but it probably ain't going to happen anytime soon!

Thanks for visiting!

E.B.-- I dont know what happened to Mr. Vampire, if he kept licking the blood of strange woman, I cant imagine he stayed healthy. Who knows what is in the blood of some people-- aids, drugs, etc... Not to mention dirty hands!!

Mom taught me to sew on her first sewing machine-- a cool pink singer! She gave it to me and I still have it, though it doesnt work now. I can do basic sewing.. dont ask me to design an outfit!! Sometimes it is CHEAPER to buy curtains-- time-wise and money-wise. I just like to sew. I bet the ones you got look great! Of course they do, you picked them!