Monday, May 7, 2007

Germs and Dust Bunnies, Unite!

I'm a little "twitchy" today... My poor Hubby cant do anything right by me (or so he says) and I'm sure he was happy to leave for work this afternoon. I jumped on every sentence that came out of his mouth-- "What am I going to eat for lunch today?" "What are YOU going to eat?? How about what are WE going to eat?!" As if he has forgotten all about me and the 3 hungry little girls. I didn't start out planning to do this when I woke up this morning, but somehow, every word out of my mouth (hands) came out like that. Poor guy, all day he had to walk around on the defense, just waiting for me to pounce.

I just plopped the little one in her crib for a 2 hour nap, and I plopped the other two with a DVD in front of the TV. Now its my time. But there isn't anything to do. Nothing enjoyable anyway. Plenty to do in the yucky department--- sweep the floor in the dining room (I cant wait to pass that on as a chore to the girls when they are old enough to hold a broom!), balance the poor pathetic checkbook and start digging around in the growing pile of bills that need to be paid, throw yet another load of laundry in the wash with clothes that were only worn for 3 hours after the girls decided to turn the sun room into a swimming pool and doused themselves with water, or I could tackle the dishes left over from lunch. sigh... Now I understand the saying, 'A woman's work is never done.'

I am by no means a neat freak. I don't panic at the sight of a crumb left on the floor, or a puddle of water by the water dispenser on the fridge door ( am I the only one that HATES those ice/water dispensers with the little ones able to help themselves to water and further fuel their desire for a pool in the sun room??? ). I figure the water will evaporate and dry on its own, and the crumb will be joined by more crumbs by the end of the day, and I'll just sweep after the little angels go to sleep for the night. But my house is not a disaster zone waiting to be condemned, oh no! I just feel like there are more important things to do than constantly cleaning all the time. I do the basics every day (OK, every other day, sometimes) like the dishes and sweeping and vacuuming. But washing the windows? That is done, umm, never? I mean, I have washed their little nose prints off the sliding door, and when they had muddy hands, I washed where they touched, but have I washed every window in the house? No. Dusting? Umm.. nope, doesn't happen. I got one of those swiffer dusters and they are fun to keep the kids busy with for the next 2 hours, but that's about all they are good for. Mopping, hmmm... once a week, unless there was an accident with a poopy diaper or a spilled juice cup.

*GASP* you may say. But the GERMS, you may say. Your children will get SICK, you say. I laugh in the face of the Germy Germs! Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Did you know the big-wigs at the pharmaceutical companies have actually come up with a DIRT PILL??? A pill filled with *DIRT* because they fear our children are not exposed to enough dirt and are being disinfected to the point where one small contact with a Germy Germ will cause havoc on their little kid bodies??? So, my almost clean house proves a point. My kids have not had any MAJOR illnesses with the exception of the sniffles every now and then (knock on wood). Whatever I am doing, I am going to keep on doing it. I wouldn't recommend you eat off my floor, but you can rest easy in knowing that my dishes have been washed, the bathrooms are clean, and we wash our hands. Just ignore the crumbs under the table, thank you very much!


Krissie said...

OMG!!! I was just gonna say how I'd never recommend anyone to eat off my floor either!
Plates are perfectly safe though.
But yeah, obsessive cleaning... Not gonna happen.

darth sardonic said...

lol i used to eat dirt. actually pick up tiny clots of dirt and chew them and swallow them. and i turned out ok, look at me. errr, ummm, i have to go.

Lindystar said...

OH YOU ROCK !!! I just noticed that someone new had linked to my blog so I came to check it out.

This place is a treasure trove! You are funny and real and I LOVE love love the quote of the day thing, I'm a quote freak.

I've been looking for a new blog to read and coming up empty and lookie here!! It's like a little present left on my blog doorstep. AND you have me on your blog roll which makes me a goofy and giggly and stupid happy.

You totally made my day and I can't WAIT to come back here and stay for a while and do some serious reading.

P.S. Good for you, you're technically saving money by not having to put your kids on the dirt pill. (Or pay for counsuling later in life from being crazy over sheltered.)

Krissie said...

You're really sweet, you know that?
Thank you.

jenny said...

Thank you all for reading my posts! And you're all invited to dinner! I'll be making my specialty-- mudslides!!

Lindystar said...

Mudslides? Okeedokee I'm headed to mapquest, I'm on my way!!

(ok so that sounded creepy but I was trying to be funny and cool and stuff it just didn't turn out that way)