Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yard Sale Finds

It's been awhile since I shared my yard sale goodies with you.
The yard sales are starting to wither away for the season and if I'm lucky, I can find one or two this time of year, but I'm going to have to rely on auctions and thrift shops here on out, until next year.
I've had some really great finds these past couple of weeks, though, and I'm really excited about some of my prizes! I was headed out of town with 2 of my girls for the day and I spotted a yard sale sign on the way. I thought it might have been that one house with over-priced junk, but something inside of me nudged me and whispered in my ear, "you never know, maybe it's someone else's sign." I am SO glad I listened because it totally was someone else's sale and before I even had the car in park, I already spotted this lovely pitcher and glasses set.
Aren't they beautiful? The pitcher and 9 glasses are in near perfect condition and I can just see myself using these around the holidays!

There was no price, so I picked up the pitcher and waved to get the lady's attention and called out, "how much?" You know I scooped this up when she held up 4 fingers!!! I can't believe she let this gorgeous set go for only $4! It's going to be hard to part with this one, so it's a keeper for now.
The funny part is I had no cash on me at the time and I had to borrow money from Evelyn! Good thing she brought her wallet! She kept track of what I borrowed and I paid her back, with interest!
The local paper advertised a church yard sale and around here, a church sale is almost always a guaranteed good thing. This church was right down the road from us, and I made sure I got up early for this one. It started at 8 and we were there at 8:15! And man, was I glad we got there when we did!
Anyone that knows me, knows I love vintage drinking glasses, so I'm always keeping an eye out for cute ones here and there. I consider myself lucky when I can find a matching pair. (I was Hugely Lucky with the pitcher and glasses set above!)

I spotted this set of 4 vintage car glasses. I see single glasses here and there, but not all in one place! Snag!

I also found this set of glasses in the original box. I grabbed it without checking all the other glasses inside and when I got home, I found one glass that didn't belong, and one of the matching ones with a big chip and a crack in it.  No worries, I had 2 just like this that I had found at other yard sales, so it's still a complete set! Sweet!

Even more vintage glasses!  It's really unusual to find this many in one place, and I had my arms full until one of the little old church ladies handed me a box for them. The yellow polka dot one was the imposter that was in the box of 6 glasses, and we now have a match to our pink swan glass! The two glasses on the far left are vintage peanut butter glasses from a company out of Pennsylvania and both command high prices. The flower glass is of a Columbine flower and the 2nd is a dachshund glass. 
A close-up of the cute dachshund glass.  This will sell quick in the booth!
And how much did all these glasses cost me? Well, we also picked up a toy robot from the early 80s, some nice metal picture frames, a crocheted cotton string potholder, and a vintage glass creamer. Our entire cost was $5.60! Sweet!
 Back in my young, single days, I used to hang out at a friends' place and he had this awesomely warm blanket that I claimed whenever I was there. Repeated requests for it to become mine were turned down, saying it belonged to his (deceased) mom. I think it was plaid. This was before you could find a computer in everyone's home and ebay wasn't really a big thing yet and it never occurred to me to go hunting for my own blanket. Fast forward to present time and I was walking around the thrift shop and I spotted this blanket hanging from across the store. I knew exactly what it was and made a beeline for it.  Sure enough, it had the same heft, the same weight, the same quality of my friend's blanket! Only $7 and it was mine. It's a big one, I think a bigger one than his, and I can tell it's already going to be my favorite blanket. I love that it looks kind of like a Hudson wool blanket, too, with the stripes.
Further research tells me it's made from a German manufacturer, Biederlack, out of Cumberland, MD, which is only 25 miles from us! They have since closed down, but I bet there were plenty of people from around here that worked there, which explains it's presence at the thrift shop.  I have seen cheap copies, thin and flimsy, that fall apart in the wash. This, you can tell, is high quality and so, so warm. Perfect for these cold West Virginia nights!
 The most recent auction we went to yielded a box full of vintage salt and pepper shakers, for $7. I didn't count, but there were about 20 complete sets. I will turn around and sell most of them at the booth, but this one is a keeper. Isn't he cute? A bunny and a magician's hat!
Time to get busy and start pricing items to sell in the booth this week!

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Cheyenne said...

I have been reading your posts since you started writing again and I am glad you are back. I missed you.

You have some really neat finds on this post and I look forward to your upcoming purchases with photos.