Sunday, January 22, 2012


Not that I made a resolution or anything, but I did make an attempt to try and post more often, and as soon as I thought this, the laptop goes kablooey on me. I'm not computer savvy enough to figure it out, so off it went back to the place where we got it-- still under warranty, luckily.  They fixed it, good as new, or so I thought, but a few days later, it went all kablooey again.

Took it back again, but they swear that's it's fine, it's the internet program that keeps messing it up. My laptop is no longer a joy to be on anymore.  I dread getting on to check my emails or anything else I usually do online. Going to try and take it back one more time, hopefully third time's the charm. Insist they find the root of the problem or replace it. What good is paying for a warranty if they cannot fix it or replace it?

Sure makes me wish I took up all those computer lessons back in my school days!

Planned a double birthday party for this past Saturday. Weather has been mild and not a bit of snow since Halloween, so of course, we get snow and sleet and have to cancel the party.  Well, at least my house is cleaned and the kids understand why the party was cancelled.  I love this age they're at, no tantrums and they realize that not everything revolves around them, as much as they would like.

Life is the same old same old around here. So I'll stop and hope this ornery laptop behaves as it does with me in front of the people that fix computers.  Nothing worse than something that doesn't work right but behaves itself in front of others!

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Stephanie D. said...

Laptop sounds like a child--well-behaved in front of others, but a problem at home. lol