Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Progress

Beautiful Spring days equals lots of work in the garden-- finally!

Lucky for me, even though we live out in the country, one of the neighbors only a mile down the road has a little greenhouse business. She sells flowers and vegetables out of her two hoop houses for very reasonable prices and everything looks so good! It was hard to choose, but I ended up getting a flat of 6 different types of tomatoes which amounted to 36 tomato plants.

After we set up the fence panels, I dug holes and the girls transplanted all the tomato plants for me. There's room for 12 more tomato plants, so I'll be going back to the neighbor's place and buy some more tomatoes. I'll also get green peppers and a few other vegetables, too.

Andrew and Evelyn took the little tiller and tilled up a section for planting the potatoes. Evelyn was happy to help work the tiller. We have always encouraged the kids to help in the garden, and I am pleased to see how much more helpful they are this year. They used to give up so easily-- dig a hole then walk away; plant a few seeds then hand the bag over and say, "I'm bored"; or just go off in a corner of the garden and dig a hole to play in. This year they have planted all the potatoes and nearly all the tomatoes and they were a big help when we planted the onions.

Speaking of onions.... they are doing very well so far. We had lots of rain and a few washed out, but the majority of them are doing well. Now if we can just keep Peter from trampling them every time we go out to the garden...

I'm looking forward to the progress of the 2011 garden. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates, that we stay on top of the weeds, squash any hungry bugs that threaten to eat up all my vegetables, keep the chickens out, and everything planted grows and grows and grows.




Ron said...


FrugalConstance said...

Tell me how you are gonna keep those chicken's out.I sure do hope you pen them up or they may scratch up all of your garden.Mine did that to me'years ago.It sounds so wonderfull to have your kid's truly involved in the garden.I want to say to them that I am so very very proud of them becoming farmers of GOD"S green earth.They will be mighty FINE adults in this world,Just to know how to grow their food.Great Site you have.I enjoy visiting.

jenny said...

Ron-- amen twice! :o)

FrugalConstance-- Welcome and hope you come back! :o) We have fencing all around the garden area, but it's in poor shape and needs repair. I'm thinking of a taller fence around the actual garden plot. Or it may be cheaper to build a pen for the chickens around the coop itself. I need to take some measurements first and compare. I'm very proud of the kids,too!

Juli said...

Wow! You've gotten your veggies in already! I'm back after a long while! Kids keep me busy! :) I am going to do a raised bed garden on top of my deck as we have deer, rabbits, etc. ( We live near a watershed preserve therefore animals like them come into our yard!)

FrugalConstance said...

Thanks I will be checking back often.

jenny said...

Juli-- we're south of you, so we get a little bit of a head start in the garden. I'm envious of my sister in Florida, she just might be eating fresh tomatoes any day soon! I'd like to try a raised garden bed someday.. Good luck with yours! :o)

FrugalConstance-- :o)

Teeeeeena said...

We already are eating plenty of fresh tomatoes and jalapenos!!! :0)

we re thinking of getting more baby tomatoes and let em grow. we have to water them twice daily.

Amen to your garden!