Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad Chicken!

We have some naughty chickens! A few days after transplanting all the broccoli and cabbage plants, we had to run into town one evening. When we came back and I checked on the garden, this is what I found:

A few tentative nibbles on the cabbage plants.

But a full-on feast on the poor broccoli plants!

Look at this poor little guy.

We really gotta put up some better fencing. The fencing that is there now is rusted through in some spots and not very high. I've seen the chickens take flying leaps over the fence or they go through the holes and gaps. I have an idea to take down the old fencing and the rotted posts, purchase some t-bars and new fencing and then move the fence closer to the garden area. It'll open up space behind the pole barn and shed area and make it easier to cut the grass back there with the mower. Now to stop talking and start doing!

The kids have been playing with sidewalk chalk lately. After my discovery of chickens eating the poor broccoli pants, I drew this. Made me laugh anyway.


Ron said...

Those chickens can sure be frustrating sometimes. I slaved away planting one year and noticed the chickens following me... then realized they were scratching up and eating the seeds as I planted them.

I have actually had good luck using a 2-strand electric fence to keep the chickens out of the garden. For a while, they get a mild shock and squawk and act like the sky is falling, but then they figure it out and avoid the fence and garden.

Rachel said...

Gee, I thought the chickens were supposed to eat the bugs in a garden and not the vegetables!

You did a good job drawing the chicken!! :)