Saturday, October 2, 2010

Posting Without Pictures

My camera is on the fritz. Might have taken one too many drops and finally called it quits on me. I've borrowed Andrew's camera a few times, which is really nice, but he gets this funny look on his face when I use it, especially when I don't put it back in its' case and leave it out on the desk or somewhere where it isn't supposed to be. (sorry, honey) So I've been keeping an eye out for a new camera, spotted a good deal and ordered one last week. Should get here any day now, maybe today, I hope. I'll have to get a new memory card, too, since mine has over 1000 pictures and takes forever to download to the computer. I don't delete the pictures anymore after my computer crashed and I lost all of Peter's baby pictures. Anyway, posts are boring without pictures, so pretend there are [pictures] inserted here and there.

Andrew has been doing well at work. He's been getting a little more than part-time hours lately, and his job is to get cards from people that are interested in hearing more about the product. If his card generates a sale, he gets a commission from that card. He's been working at different events outside of the mall: apple festivals, senior wisdom conventions, county fairs, etc. The more cards he can get, the more chances he has of earning a commission; the more hours he works, the more chances he has to get a card. Working outside events always increases his chances for cards and he enjoys getting out of the mall and discovering new locations that we have not been to before. He works at Burlington Apple Festival today and if it isn't too muddy, he'll call and let us know, the kids and I will go and check it out later on. [insert picture of smiling husband here]

My uncle and I butchered 2 roosters on Wednesday morning. We planned on doing 4, but my knives and hatchet were not very sharp and the 2 we did, did not have quick deaths. My uncle and I felt terrible about it, and decided to let the other 2 roosters go. He'll come back another day and with sharper tools to do the job better so they do not suffer. On the brighter side of things, I have 2 chickens in the freezer and 2 less roosters sexually accosting the hens. 4 roosters are still too many, and 3 more need to go. [insert picture of chickens in freezer here]

Once the chicken is dead, I have no problem with pulling off the feathers, gutting and cutting up into pieces. It's the actual lopping-off of the head that I struggle with. If I could, I'd hire someone to lop off the heads for me, and I'd do the rest, but that's not realistic. I admit, though, it didn't take me as long to get over this butchering as it did the first time I did it solo. I was numb the first time and useless most of the day. This time around, I was still able to do everything else that needed to be done and only when I went to bed, did the image of the days' events come back to give me a little tossing and turning. [insert picture of lopped off chicken head here] (bet you're glad my camera doesn't work now)

The chicks are doing more than surviving, they are thriving. Losing their baby fluff and getting their teen feathers. They are now 2-1/2 weeks old and already, some of the chicks are starting to duel like the older roosters. So I know I have at least 2 baby roosters. I hope more females than males. At least I won't feel the need to order any more chicks in the Spring. [insert cute picture of chicks sitting on Mama's back here]

My uncle said that the two baby chicks that were killed by the older roosters were likely males. He says that they were killed to eliminate future competition. Much like the Head Lion would kill another Lion's cubs so that only his own bloodline remains. I find that interesting and wonder if there is any truth to that? The dead chicks have already been buried and I don't know if their bodies were developed enough to reveal what their sex was, but even if I could tell, I wouldn't dig up their bodies now. Could the older roosters really differentiate between the sexes of day-old chicks?? I wonder... [insert picture of chicks here]

I'm turning into a lush. I made plum liquor last year and it's so yummy! Tastes especially good when you mix it with cranberry juice. It can hold it's own, though, if you drank it straight up. I don't have much left, maybe half a quart, and I'll be sad to drink the last drop. I didn't make a whole lot to begin with, only a little more than a pint made with gin and less than a quart with vodka. I wish I had made some more this year. The orchard I bought the plums from last year never advertised plums this year, so I wonder if their crop didn't do well with the lack of rain here. Most definitely will make some more next year and I'll try making blackberry liquor, too![insert picture of empty glass here and picture of me zonked on the couch with a smile on my face]

Woke up shivering this morning. Time to switch out the summer blankets to the warmer winter blankets. The days have been hovering in the 60s lately and nights dropping to the low 50s. Good sleeping weather, but I don't like waking up cold. Peter and Sylvia joined me in the bed this morning and their cold feet was a jolt to the senses! I'm up! Time to get busy and work the wood pile! [insert picture of pitiful wood pile here]

Bye! [insert picture of me waving]


Stephanie D. said...

You are too funny, Jenny!

Cheyenne said...

I still can't see me lopping off anything's head. I grew up around that because my Dad (and I can still see him doing it) used to butcher. I just don't have it in me to do that though.
I love reading your posts because the majority of what you do and how you live is so pure and it is refreshing to read.

Karen Mayes said...

Wow, very photographic posting ;-P

Sugar said...

Next time drink the plum likker before lopping off chicken heads! :)

jenny said...

Stephanie-- Thanks! :o)

Cheyenne-- I try to keep it real around here and I'm glad that you like what you see here. My Mom is similar to you, she saw her own mother butchering chickens and cannot bear to do it herself. Skipped a generation, I guess. I'm gearing up to do the last 3 roosters at the end of the week. Wish me luck! :o)

Karen-- Why thank you! I do try to take the best pictures I can! :o)

Sugar-- That's the best advice!! I just might do that next time! :o)