Monday, October 25, 2010

About Time!

Gretchen has been nursing this loose tooth for weeks. She would show everyone how loose it is, wiggle it with her tongue, but then the minute I try to get close and pull it, she backs away and clamps her mouth down tight. It was practically hanging by a thread by the time I pulled it out!

We tried to bribe her with tooth fairy money, or put a little scare into her by saying she might swallow it while she ate, but she was stubborn about her tooth. She'll decide to let me pull it and then just as I get my fingers on it and get ready to pull, she'll grab my hands and keep me from pulling it.
Then finally-- she let me pull it and it popped out easily. Little bit of blood and a whole lot of cheer! A phone call to the tooth fairy that night and in the morning she got $2 for her front tooth! The two front teeth have higher tooth fairy rates than the other ones that only get $1.
Grandma and Grandaddy came over to visit the next day and what do ya know-- the tooth fairy left $5 for her over there!! Apparently, the tooth fairy got her routes mixed up. So $7 total for her front tooth-- not bad! Gretchen cleaned up! All on her own, she put $6 in her piggy bank and kept out $1 for herself, "for the yard sales," she said.
The other front tooth is wiggly now, and I'm pretty sure I could pull it out, but she probably won't let me until mid-November or something. In the meantime, she'll let me wiggle it and run off before I grab it! I love that girl! :o)


finlake said...

I take it the oldest one is the red-shirted gal?

I'm not sure if you were on your 2nd pregnancy during our class reunion? It's been a long while, indeed. I reckon seeing your child when she was an infant so it's got to be the oldest of yours??

jenny said...

yes, Evelyn is the oldest in the red shirt. I had her in June and then the class reunion was a few months later... Definitely not pregnant with #2 yet! LOL She's 8 now. Is that the last time I saw you??? 8 years ago!?

finlake said...

Ugh... 8 years. Too long, however we'll get to connect now that I'm headin' to east. Actually, right now I'm at Dulles en route to Rochester for the halloween bash out in Salem, MA for the weekend before I head back to CO to finish out my "term" with my work place.

Love you very much, Jenny.