Saturday, September 18, 2010


I can see why some people choose to lie about their age and make themselves younger than they actually are. I just turned 3 years shy of 40 and I don't feel it. I feel like I'm still in my twenties, like I'm only just turning 27. I'm not about to start lying about my age, but I must say, I don't pay no attention to my years, and I often have to double-check with Andrew how old I am.

So, here I am at 37. I think I'm looking pretty good.
How about 37 things about me?
  1. I wear no make-up.
  2. I pretty much fit the description of Virgos.
  3. But I'm a little more flexible than most.
  4. My husband might disagree with that.
  5. I laugh exactly like my Mom and my Aunt.
  6. High and loud.
  7. There's no fighting it.
  8. I think it's pretty similar to hyenas laughing.
  9. Andrew likes my laugh.
  10. Sylvia thinks I'm pretty.
  11. Evelyn's hair is the same color as mine.
  12. She says it's brown.
  13. I say blond.
  14. When my hair started getting darker, I told people I was getting smarter.
  15. I still have my "dumb blond" moments.
  16. That proves I'm still blond.
  17. I crack my knuckles.
  18. I still bite my thumb nails.
  19. I used to be able to hook my legs behind my head.
  20. Don't ask how I know I can't do it anymore.
  21. I don't know why I thought I could still do it!
  22. That hurt!
  23. If I could, I would get another tattoo.
  24. A turtle with designs in the shell that represent my family.
  25. It will probably never happen, though.
  26. I dislike doing the dishes.
  27. I do them only because I have to.
  28. I look forward to when the kids have to do them for chores. yay!
  29. I like hanging laundry on the line.
  30. It's meditative for me.
  31. I'm not allergic to anything.
  32. But I might be allergic to exercise.
  33. It makes me sweat.
  34. That's an allergy reaction, isn't it?
  35. I love being Evelyn, Gretchen, Sylvia and Peter's mom.
  36. I love being Andrew's wife.
  37. I am loved.



Roselil said...

Happy birthday! I'm 38 myself but feel like I'm 28. Most people think I look 28 and certainly not old enough to have a 13 year old son.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday! I have a few more years than you, and I probably can not pass for twenty-seven (too many laugh lines) ... maybe not even thirty-seven (too much gray ;).

#14 is funny. When I started getting gray, I told people it wasn't gray, it was blond ;). No one believes me ;).

Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday!
I always say age is just a number. It's not how old you are in years but how you feel and if you feel young, then you are.
I tell myself that all the time...till I look in the mirror and wonder who that stranger is.

Edie said...

Happy birthday my dear, You look surprisingly good but I guess it is from good genes?? ;-)

It is really late for chickies to be hatching and I really do not think they may survive to adulthood but let's hope!

Got Edith involved with scroll sawing projects and she is doing surprisingly good with it! Why am I not surprised?

Timeforbed. Love to all of you. Hugs and kisses for the kids. XOXO Dad

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy belated birthday! I liked your list, it was funny and clever.

Karen Mayes said...

Happy Birthday...

Hey, I wrote a blog about you... check it out:

LS said...

Always draw to your blog, you are genius in your own right- natural life, food, nurturing family and all. Happy Birthday!

jenny said...

Roselil-- Guess it's good we look younger than we are-- who wants to look older? Well unless you're 18 trying to pass for 21!! LOL

Wendy--laugh lines are a good thing! I love them! I might have a grey hair or two, they reflect differently in the light and I catch it sometimes, but I pay no mind to it. It's just hair. :o)

barefoot gardener said...

HOpe you had the BEST day ever!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! You look FABULOUS for your age! Hope you enjoyed your special day with your beautiful and loving family! =D

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- That's very true. Keep saying you're old, pretty soon you're gonna feel old, too! :o)

Dad-- Thanks!! I might've gotten my laugh from Mom, but I got my smile from you. :o) I've been thinking of scroll sawing lately, wish I had one! I have some ideas I want to try out. I'm not surprised Edith is doing good on the scroll saw either-- she's got skillz! :o) Love you both from all of us xoxoxo

Dj-- Thanks and thanks! :o)

jenny said...

Karen-- Thank you, and I enjoyed the blog post you wrote about me! :o) You're a sweetheart!

LS-- Thank you! I'm glad you like what you see here! :o)

Barefoot-- I had a wonderful day! Thanks, hon!

Keri-- Thank you! Being happy and content with life really shows, I think. I had a great day, spent with my family! :o)

GrannyKaren said...

Happy Birthday Jenny. You are beautiful, and yup, you'd most certainly pass for 27. Hope your day was great :-))

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Happy Birthday! You could easily pass for 27 - amazing! I think you speak your mind and that keeps you young at heart.

Johnna Sutton said...

Excuse me 14 comments girl! Hope you had a wonderful day. Happy birthday to my bloggy friend :) your beautiful

Anke said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! My birthday is on the 18th as well, but I turned 41 this year. Don't believe in lying about my age either, I think it's all in the mind... Hope your day was wonderful!

jenny said...

GrannyKaren-- Aw shucks! Thank you! And yes, it was a great day! :o)

Trapper-- Thanks!! I do believe that's a big part of it: stay true to yourself and it shows.

Johnna-- Heh heh! Thanks girl! After the birthday greetings, I'll go back to my usual 3 or 4 comments, I bet! Nice to see people coming out of the woodwork! :o)

Anke-- Happy birthday to you, too! September is a good month! :o) Like others have said, you're only as old as you feel! Hope you had a great birthday, too! :o)

Juli said...

Jen: Well said! :) Who cares how old we are...right?!*winks* What's more important is the fact that we are content and loving life the way we are supposed to(with some craziness mixed in!) HAHA!!! HUGS! Miss ya my friend!