Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring's Alter Ego

I'm sure many think of Spring as the bringer of flowers and warm weather, the beginning of gardening season and lots of shiny love and happiness and giggles and bouncy bubbles. I think like that too, sometimes. But today was, to me, the most perfect example of the beginning of Spring: overcast, rainy, cool, windy, sunny, warm, gray, cloudy... It was like Mother Nature was refereeing a squabble between Winter and Spring and the weather was the result of their bickering.

I love this shot. Straight out of the camera! You can see the raindrops on the new growth branches with the cloudy skies in the background. Spring is here alright, but Old Man Winter ain't giving up without a fight!



Karen Mayes said...

Oh yes. My family recently moved back to Rochester, NY this past weekend and we are having a wintery mix now... brrr... hopefully March will leave like a lamb....

karl said...

i think he has lost our region. yesterday was his last hooray, i hope..