Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peter In The Hole!

Our sun room is our main entrance. We hardly ever use the front door, since we usually park our vehicles behind the house and use the back entrance. It's more convenient for us, since the front door is a whole level up from the driveway and the back door is right there next to the kitchen. Much easier when we are unloading groceries or sleeping children.

Anyway, because the sun room isn't used for much, it sort of has become the gathering ground for things in limbo-- a rocking chair we aren't sure about, a couch that needs reupholstering, shoes, coats, mom's washer and dryer from her sold home, gardening things, animal feed... It can get quite messy in there if I don't stay on top of it. I'd like to turn it into a laundry/mud room, but that'll have to wait until we can afford to renovate the room.

The girls were not picking up their play food and dishes from the kitchen I made. So we loaded up all the kitchen toys and put the little kitchen in the sun room, until we felt they learned their lesson and we would bring it back into the living room. Peter likes to hang out in the sun room-- there's so much interesting stuff for him to get into and look at:: potatoes to toss around; soda cans to stack on the other side of the room; kitty litter to dig into and dump on the floor; shoes to try on and clomp around the house; windows to look out and watch the chickens or cats or his sisters on the swing tree.

I can see him from the window in the kitchen (the sun room was an addition, so there is a window on the "inside" wall separating the sun room and the kitchen), and if he starts to get into something he shouldn't, I can grab him and stop him. Recently, I was on the computer, stealing a little time away from the kids, and I realized I hadn't seen Peter in a while. His sisters were outside playing, so I figured he must have been in the sun room. I check there first and this is what I see:

He climbed onto the kitchen from the couch and fell into the hole for the sink!! Quick! I grabbed the camera to take pictures!

He wasn't crying at all. Just patiently waiting for someone to come along and get him out of there. Too cute! I cannot put off gluing the bowl into the hole for the sink any more. Since this first time, he has gotten himself "stuck" 2 more times. I think he rather likes playing the "damsel in distress" (what's the boy equivalent for dame??). I decided to put the play kitchen back in the living room where there is no way for him to climb onto something to get stuck again.
Peter is going to be an interesting kid, that's for sure! :o)


kristen said...

Maybe it could be dude in distress? ;)

jenny said...

DUDE in distress! I like it! :o) Thanks!

barefoot gardener said...

too incredibly cute!