Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Winter Thoughts

Heading out today to the Library, I was pleased to see that the snow is finally starting to melt. I'm not tired of the cold, but I am tired of looking at the same, dirty snow from before Christmas. The snow by the road is yucky and brown and the snow in the yard is dotted with chicken, dog and cat droppings. No wonder the kids don't want to play in the snow!

The weather has warmed up slightly and I had the windows open to air out the house! It got up to the 50s the other day and my mom thought I was nuts! I thought it was nice out there and it was so lovely to smell the fresh air coursing through the house. It's funny how after several weeks of 20-degree weather, 50 can seem so warm!

One of my hens is going broody. I don't like to interrupt their laying process so I wait until after they get out of the coop to gather eggs, but every time I check, the same hen is still sitting on her and the others' eggs. After awhile, I reach under and collect the eggs. It's too soon to let her sit and try to hatch eggs, but maybe sometime in February, I'll let her sit on them. I figure by March, any chicks hatched will be alright with mama if it gets chilly, but it shouldn't get as cold as it has been by then-- knock on wood. If she is successful, she'll save me money on buying more chicks.

Garden dreaming is on the brain these days. Andrew and I are determined to do better in the garden this year, so we are planning and thinking and talking. I'll be making a small greenhouse for my seeds to start in, and we are coming up with ideas on how to build it and where to put it. Meant to get it in before the snow but.... oh well. It'll get started when the snow is completely melted.

Tax-time is coming. ugh. 2009 is the first year in a while where Andrew has worked the whole year at one job. It won't be the biggest, but it should be something, better than last years refund, I hope. The first thing we'll get, if possible, will be a new chainsaw for Andrew. He really needs a new one, as the old one keeps crapping out and parts keep getting replaced. I watch him get so frustrated with the old one and because of all the trouble it gives him, and we really didn't prepare enough wood for the winter. We are being stingy with the wood stove and if it's possible to be warm by adding a sweater instead of starting a fire, that's what we do. There's a local chainsaw shop that gives credit for trade-ins so maybe that will cut down on the price a little bit.

I'm dreaming of cherries. I know it's way too soon for cherries, but I am down to my very last jar of cherry almond jam and I am savoring every bit. On a whim, I added almond extract to my last batch of cherry jam and it has turned into something the whole family cannot get enough of! I only had 4 pints of it so we tried our hardest to make it last. This coming cherry season, I'll be sure to make several batches of cherry almond jam!

Evelyn got a sewing kit from an auntie for Christmas and she has just blown us away at the stuff she is creating! I think she has my knack for coming up with things without a pattern. The kit came with several pre-cut felt pieces to sew together and stuff to make a cat, dog and elephant and some fabric to sew into a pouch to hold it all. She made the stuffed cat and the pouch, then raided my fabric scraps and started making her own designs-- a purse with a latch and a pocket on the front; a little stuffed flashlight with a button for the on/off switch; little purses for her sisters.... She now talks about making a basket and after telling me how she is going to do it, I am impressed with her thought processes. If she keeps this up, I'll give her my old sewing machine whenever I get myself a new one. Hmmm... a chainsaw for Andrew and a sewing machine for me??? Oh please let this be a nice tax year for us!

Sylvia has mastered the computer and now begs to play computer games every time I get on here. She is pestering me now, and I need to get off anyway, so til next time!



Stephanie D. said...

It's currently raining, so I'm hoping some of the junk will melt, too. I still can't get some of my stakes out of the yard from Christmas because the ground has been frozen. It's hit mid 40s to low 50s this week, so maybe the spotlight can come out of the ground!

Here's hoping to a good tax year for you! Since we met our $5000.00 deductible for health insurance, I'm hoping to get a good bit back, too. We are working on paying off some house work and dental work that had to be put on credit cards and I hope we can pay one off right away!

That's too funny about the chicken. Maybe the coop is warm enough to fool her! lol

Carol said...

It's great that she inherited your talent and your interest in all things crafty (mind you, with all the fab projects you do with them I'm not surprised!!).

I would love to see some photo's!!

I've just worked out that I am going to have a week off...a whole week...before the new semester starts! No reading, no assignments just a bliss free week in which I plan to craft and paint and be creative!! I can't wait.... (just one more assignment to do...)

C x

jenny said...

Stephanie-- That's so funny that your stakes are frozen in the ground. It thawed out quite a bit here, so I hope that means the same for you. Our house is too far from the road to decorate outdoors, but we decorated simply indoors this year, and it was all taken down in 10 minutes! That was nice!

Here's hoping we both get nice tax refunds! I don't want to hope for too much, and I also hope something doesn't come along to take away a big chunk of it!

Carol-- oooh! A whole week off!! That sounds great!! I hope you get lots of painting done! I still think of that lovely one you did of the trees and flowers. I have no painting talent at all! Maybe we could trade? I'll make a felt shapes picture maker and you paint a picture?? I'm teasing, I think. :o) Enjoy your time off! xo