Monday, January 11, 2010

Damson Liquor

Back in August, I made my very first batch of Damson Plum Liquor. I made two different ones-- one with Gin and the other with Vodka. It is supposed to steep for several months, then you strain out the plums and voila! Damson Liquor!

This is what it looked like in August, and the one on the right is what it looks like now.
I strained out the Gin batch a few days ago and it was just tasty! I can't believe it was that easy to make and it turned out so good! The photo above on the right is the Vodka batch and I haven't strained it out yet, but it smells heavenly! Can't wait to taste it!

The color of the Gin batch is lovely, like a nice, deep, dark wine color. It filled up this bottle and a little overflow into a small canning jar. Nice flavor, reminds me of blackberry liquor. Any ideas on how I can use the plums?? I know I can still eat them, but do I just eat them right out of the jar or can I cook with them?? I'd love some ideas. Maybe I can make some sort of cake and chop the plums for a plum/gin version of rum cake??

Andrew and I aren't big drinkers-- we did the whole drinking and getting drunk scene when he was in the Navy and I was in college, and we have had enough of that. We do, however, like to have wine now and then, or a recipe calls for beer or wine, or when we are feeling sick, there's nothing like a shot of rum or vodka to knock you out and kill the germy germs. My dad used to let me have a shot of blackberry liquor when I wasn't feeling good and that will be next on my alcoholic ventures this Spring, when the blackberries are in season. I keep thinking that this would also make some nice gifts, bottled up in some nice glass bottles.

Strawberry wine, Peach wine, and Damson liquor-- all excellent results! Well, a 50/50 success rate with the Strawberry wine-- half of it went to vinegar. I learned from that and stayed on top of the Peach wine and that turned out to be just right, with a bit of sweetness to it. The strawberry is stronger with a bit of tartness. Looking forward to making mulberry wine and blackberry liquor!



Carol said...

The colour is stunning!! And can I just say....Mulberry Wine...Yum!!

C x

tracey said...

Looks yummy. You'll never guess who knocked at my door a few mins. ago. The postman with the missing box, it was quite smashed, everything was still inside intact. Thank goodness. I'll re-mail it Thursday.

jenny said...

Carol-- I love admiring all the colors through their jars and bottles. Wish you were here to share a glass with me! :o)

Tracey-- Well how 'bout that! I'm SO glad it showed up! I swear, everytime we drove by the mailbox, I was eyeing the pile of snow near it and wondered if it was in there somewhere. The pile is getting a little smaller and I keep hoping to spot a corner of a box in there. Yay!! Mystery solved! Will let you know when it gets here. :o) xo

Carol said...

I wish I was there to share a glass with you too!! Maybe one day....

C x