Thursday, July 23, 2009

Too Much Stuff!

We're having a yard sale. Today. Tomorrow. And Saturday, too.

Whew! How is it that we acquire so much stuff?

No pictures, because honestly? I'm quite embarrassed about the amount of stuff out there.

We piled all the "sale" stuff in the basement near the door and now, with everything out, I feel like I can breathe down there again. It felt claustrophobic, sorta.

I hope we sell most of it. Because really? I don't want to bring it back in.

Then after the sale, I swear-- no more crappy stuff allowed in the house!

Sweet old guy came to the yard sale, today. Asked how much for a wine bottle opener. 25 cents I said. He held out his hand with a bunch of coins and I picked out a quarter. He gave me two extra dimes and when I looked at him quizzically, he told me it was my tip. Then he bought something else that came to $6 and he gave me $7. When I tried to give him his dollar back he told me it was my tip. I need more customers like him! :o)


lady macleod said...

I love this - my reasons are twofold: I get very excited about clearing out space and giving stuff away (strange I know); and I love the story about the generous chap - you know that the 'tipping' was giving him much more pleasure than you. Good luck with the sale.

Stephanie D. said...

I love going to yard sales and used to have my own now and then, but they got to be so much of a hassle to do alone, I just run a couple of boxes over to the thrift shops every couple of months.

Wish I was closer--I'm sure I'd find good stuff at your sale!

jenny said...

Lady M-- Oh yes! Me, too! I get happy at seeing empty spaces and having more room! The trick is not to fill it up again! :o) Yes, the old chap smiled when he gave me the tip-- it was the nicest smile. :o)

Stephanie-- Funny how once you get on a ball taking stuff outside, you start thinking of more stuff to take out! There's more stuff out there today than there was yesterday! I wish you could come and buy some of my stuff, too! :o)

Carol said...

Awwww, what a lovely fellow!! The world would be a better place if there were more people like him!!

C x

jenny said...

Carol-- Oh, I so agree! :o)