Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Berry Good Day

Today was such a lovely day, the temps never went higher than 80*. Really unusual for this time of year, but I'm not complaining. It made berry-picking that much more pleasurable. After dinner, we all went outside to take advantage of the cooler evening temps. I went berry picking and took the days' laundry off the line; Husband burned our paper trash and burned the brush we are trying to clear on part of our property; the kids played and alternated between hubby and me.

For an extra treat, we also had toasted marshmallows in the fire with graham crackers-- no chocolate, so not exactly s'mores. All in all, it was a good ending to a good day.

This is about 3 cups worth of black raspberries with a few blackberries mixed in. At their peak, I can pick twice that amount every day. The raspberries are starting to taper off and it takes me a little longer to look for the berries that are hiding underneath the leaves. I'll probably make the rounds on the raspberries a couple more times, and then I'll leave the rest for the birds and the animals that also eat these. I'll focus on my blackberry patch, and judging by the way it looks, I should reap plenty there.

Here's a picture of the cherry sorbet I made the other day. We had it for a snack this afternoon and it didn't take long for the kids to gobble this up. I shared some of mine with Baby and once he got over the coldness of it, he was like a baby bird, begging for more! :o)

I meant to take pictures of the sorbet-making process, but spaced out and didn't. I'll try to remember to take pictures next time, when I make black raspberry sorbet or try the peach sorbet.


Carol said...

You are teasing me with your sorbet!! We don't even have a freezer compartment in our fridge :-(. Maybe I should speak nicely to our neighbours....

C x

Karen Mayes said...

Oh, it looks good...

I do remember a particular raspberry bush in my backyard in Rochester, NY and my kids would go over to it and picking the berries as soon as the berries turn purple.


Ocean said...

Ahhh... this brings back childhood memories, Jenny. My grandparents had a big 500 acre farm, and there were wild blackberries growing all over. Every summer we would go back and pick a bucket, to turn into blackberry cobblers. Dad also tried his hand at making blackberry wine one year, which as I recall wasn't too bad (what little they let me taste, that is!)

One question... exactly what is the difference between a black raspberry vs. a blackberry? Interestingly, while I do like blackberries, I have never acquired a taste for raspberries - it's one of the few fruits that I don't like.

Sue said...

Hey Jenny, We have been picking our blackberies for 2 weeks. I have made several batches of jam, jelly and cobblers. This is our first year that we picked off our bushes and they are full to the brim with berries! A friend of ours is making blackberry wine for us, can't wait to see what it taste like. This is new to me but I love the blackberries.

jenny said...

Carol-- I'm sorry, I don't mean to tease you! :o) Maybe you could share it with the neighbors? Time to get a new fridge???? :o)

Karen-- I used to do the same with my mom when I was a kid. We'd walk around the neighborhood spotting the bushes and go back when they were ripe. yum!

Ocean-- I'm no expert on berries, but based on looks, blackberries form around the stem so when you pick them they are not hollow inside like raspberries are. I like them all, but my top favorite is mulberries.. they taste much sweeter to me than any of the other berries do, plus they have such a nice flavor, very hard to describe.

I tried blackberry wine and it flopped-- turned all moldy and I had to dump it. My strawberry wine was good though.. My uncle was telling me about my great uncle making blackberry brandy. Now THAT sounds delicious!! I plan to look it up and see if I can make it myself.

Sue-- How lovely that your friends are making blackberry wine for you! I've had it before and it's so tasty! I am grateful that the berries here seem to take turns getting ripe because I would surely be overwhelmed if the mulberries, raspberries and blackberries all came at the same time! After the berries are done, I am expecting a nice amount of wild grapes next. That is, if I can beat the birds to them first!

Have you ever combined the berries? I make something I call "crazyberry" that has a combination of mulberry, black raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry. It's crazy good and my family just goes through it like nothing! Experiment and try it! :o)