Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hammin' It Up!

Despite the fact I never shop at the malls or buy specific brand clothing, my girls have seemed to develop a style all their own. The clothes that I picked out for them to wear get rejected in favor of frilly, shiny, glittery, ruffly, girly stuff instead. I was such a tomboy when I was a kid, so it shocks me how much my girls like wearing dresses and skirts. I have to be firm with them when it gets cold and insist they wear long pants. They found a loophole and wear leggings or stockings in place of pants.

One chilly morning, I was trying to get Youngest to wear jeans and a long sleeve hoodie. She wouldn't have it no matter how much I tried to appeal to her 2 year old mind. I love the hoodie and told her if I could wear it, I would. Finally I came up with an idea-- if you put on these clothes, I'll take pictures of you and you can be my model! It worked! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our "modeling session".

Is that not a cute hoodie and jeans? Isn't she a cutie??

"Whatchu lookin' at dude? Wanna make somethin' of it?"

How about this one?

"This is my angry face."
It is? More like a smoochy face to me-- c'mere and let me smooch you!

She is such a ham! Just look at those blue eyes!


A said...

Aww soo cute!!

sufferingsummer said...

This is so adorable. If you saw my last post then you'll know we go through this debate daily but mostly I've given up except when it comes to weather...she has to wear pants or tights under skirts and must wear a jacket if we are leaving...otherwise it's up to her.
Good idea with the modeling...I tried it with Indy and it didn't work but I think that's cause she is in too much of a hurry, when I told her she'd have to stand still for the pics she would have none of it.
I'll definitely keep trying though...there is this dress in her closet that I love that she just won't wear...maybe one day.

Denyse said...

Adorable pics and hoodies are hugely trendy over here right now. You probably wont be able to get ourt of them next year.

DJ Kirkby said...

Sorry that was me on my other account.

darth sardonic said...

definitely a ham, and cute

barefoot gardener said...


I totally identify with your wonder at having "girly~girls" when you were such a tomboy. I had the same experience with Big Sprout. I lived in ratty jeans and tshirts growing up, and my girl (for years) wouldn't be seen without a skirt or a dress on. If I wouldn't have been there at the birth, and if she didn't look EXACTLY like me, I would have been sure she was switched at birth...