Monday, November 3, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 29

We had another family day of being outdoors and splitting more wood. Oldest is right beside Daddy, helping move the split wood out of the way.

The younger two girls were happy to just jump around in the back of the truck.

After Hubby split the wood, I loaded them up in the back of the truck (the girls got evicted). When the truck bed was full, we drove around to the front of the house where we keep our wood pile for the wood stove. Hubby goes back to split more wood and I unload the wood and stack it. I'm a better stacker than he is, so we both agree that I stack and he cuts/splits the wood. This is the best wood pile we've ever had and I hope we have more than we need. The wood behind me is almost as tall as me, stacked in 4 rows. This is more than 5 cords and we still have more wood in the pole barn.

After I empty the truck, we get to ride in the back of the truck, back to the pole barn to load it up again. I remember what fun it was to ride in the back of my dad's truck when I was a little girl, and I'd see big trucks go by and motion for them to honk their horns. I always got a thrill when the truck drivers would pull their horns and honk them for me. The days of riding in the back of a truck on the highway are gone, but we can still let our kids ride in the back around our property. I sit in the back with them, to make sure they stay seated.

I couldn't resist a photo of Youngests' "plumber's butt"!! She was helping me pick up wood to load into the truck and every time she bent down, this is what I saw. The cutest plumber's butt I've ever seen! :o)

A sweet ending to a very good day-- making peachy muffins for breakfast the next morning.


Angel said...

Hiya Jenny,
Love this blog .. and yes a cute plumber's butt.. You look great. HOw's the baby ? I added you to my blog so I already have my blogs all set up with my poetry .. Please do stop by and read me :) I miss you like nuts

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Jenny, I love your posts with the whole family. You are teaching your girls there is nothing wrong with hard work, especially with the effort you take to make it fun too! :)

I have to say that is a cute plumbers crack, much better than a real one ;) said...

I love the pictures and I adore the "plumbers butt" picture! Too cute!


jenny said...

Angel! What fun to see you here! :o) Oh *blush blush* Thank you! The baby is doing great. Still a tiny thing, but so fiesty! I'll be over to visit when I get a chance. Miss you too. xo

Trapper-- That's what we try to do-- make hard work fun. Can't always be fun, but when we do it together, at least we have the teamwork and the fun of being together.

Yes, I have seen some frightful plumber's cracks *shudder!*

Lacy-- Thanks! I couln't resist a picture! :o)