Monday, August 11, 2008

Hissy Fit

Oldest had the biggest hissy fit I've ever seen her have in all of her 6 years. Screaming, crying, feet-stomping, finger-pointing, and accusatory words towards Middle and I.

Over sheets.

Yes, you read right. Sheets. As in bedsheets. More specifically, Tinkerbell bedsheets. Fairy dust and all.

Something as simple as sheets turned my usually sweet Oldest into a ranting and raving lunatic.

I washed the sheets off the girl's beds this morning. Before bedtime, I asked Middle which sheets did she want me to put on her bed. She said, "Tinkerbell". Ok, no problem there. Oldest came in and I asked her which sheets she wanted, she also said "Tinkerbell". Ok, I told her, thinking that we had 2 sets (I normally buy 2 sets of everything so there is no fighting and they can't say "no fair!").

After I made Middle's bed, I went to the linen closet and discovered that we only have one set of Tinkerbell sheets. I remembered they were a gift from someone who wouldn't think of buying 2 sets to keep the peace between kids. I told Oldest to pick another set and then the hissy fit began.

I tried to rationalize with her: told her that she can have those sheets the next time.

No go.

I tried the firm hand route: sorry, but you'll just have to pick something else.

More screaming.

I tried threatening her with corner time.


I pointed at the crying baby in his swinger and told her to hurry and pick something because I needed to sit down and nurse him and if I walked out of the room, then she would have to sleep on a bare mattress.

"It's not fair! Middle always gets to use that sheet! "

I walked out.

She settled on a different set, but not before making a mess of the linen closet to pull it out.

Thus began my hissy fit.


DJ Kirkby said...

Can't stop laughing over your last line! Kids, eh? Enough to make you mental!

K.L. said...

Sigh. My oldest is 20 now and my middle just turned 18. The youngest is only 10 though so I'm not done yet. Time flies. And it is always something. If not sheets, it will be who is looking out whose window. Seriously. They argued one time because they boy was looking out the girl's car window. Thank God they get along better now than they did then.

jenny said...

Dj-- no kidding! I remember fighting with my sister, but most of the time she was away at school, so I don't think it happened too often, but when it did... let's just say it wasn't pretty! :o)

Kl-- The last major fight I had with my sister was when I was about 14 or 15 and she was 18 and it was a doozy! We ended up breaking a door, and we both had flesh wounds! THEN we started arguing about which injury hurt more.

Mom always bought things in pairs for my sis and I and I do the same for my kids, only now I have to buy in fours or 3 girly and 1 boyish. HArd to do when I shop thrift and yard sales! They'll just have to cope! :o)