Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dream Kitchen

While in Florida, we went to the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) and it was a little disappointing. It was an expensive entry fee per person (Thanks Dad for paying the entry fees) and for that price, I expected a lot more than what there was. There was an interesting exhibit with a timeline of Florida from the period of early Indians leading up to current times, we enjoyed that part and around the corner, in the 50's era, I found my dream kitchen! I gasped when I saw it! I swooned! My heart palpitated and beat faster! I called for Hubby to "come see, come see!" We both sighed together as we drooled over the display. Good thing there was a fence blocking it off because I would have tried to stuff as much as I could in the diaper bag! I would have grabbed the dishes in the dishwasher and stuffed them in my bag, picked up the chairs and strap them on Hubby's back, unplug the fridge and drag it away to the van... Oh! This was the most perfect kitchen! Very similar to how we want to re-do our kitchen, to update it with a vintage feel, to find vintage items and install modern wiring and to actually USE vintage items. I have about half of the stuff you see in the picture:

I have several sets of 50s dinette, Formica top tables and chairs- 2 red ones, a pink one, and a grey and black one. I have lots (lots and lots!) of vintage Pyrex and Fire King bowls, ovenware and dishes. I hoard vintage tablecloths, towels and aprons! Oh! Just looking at the picture makes me salivate all over again! This kitchen was decorated in the typical Florida style of that period, so there are more coral colors than I would like- the coral floor and the walls are pink and the curtains are tropical palm trees. But the style- Oh!! I may faint!

What's your dream kitchen?


DJ Kirkby said...

My dream is a BIG open kitchen with lots of space to move around while members of my family can sit in the room with me but without being in my way! Love Pyrex too.

Dana said...

My dream kitchen was in the house we were going to buy but didn't.

I had a big green pyrex bowl that I used all the time (I always said it was that bowl that made my mashed potatoes taste so good). Last year, we had some friends over and one of them went to put it in the fridge and dropped it. I have not found a bowl that makes good mashed potatoes yet.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Just catching up on your blog. Whereabouts in Florida were you, if you don't mind my asking. It's just that I'm from Tampa. Judging from how long it took to drive there, I'm guessing in the Jacksonville area? Love the photos of your property. I've said it before: I am so envious!
My dream kitchen? Somewhere nice and cosy for the family and friends to gather -- actually a bit like the one I have now.

jenny said...

Dj-- I'm happy with the SIZE of my kitchen, but I wish it was updated and with more counter space. Oh! and more electrical outlets.

Dana-- Oh, poor green pyrex bowl! I remember breaking one of my mom's mixing bowls when I was a kid and she got so upset, I was a little aloof about it and didn't understand what the big deal was. I understand now, though, and would be sad if one of my bowls broke. Have you checked ebay to replace your green bowl?

Coffee-- Yes, Jacksonville was where we went. You'd make a good detective! :o)
I'm glad you are already living in your dream kitchen!!

Rosa said...

My dream kitchen would have lots of cabinets and places to store things, like my big texasware bowls that I use for everything, my vintage blender, the new blender, the hand mixer, crock pot, etc. Right now I have nowhere to put everything, it drives me crazy. A pantry would be ideal, plus the extra cabinets.

jenny said...

Rosa-- yes yes yes, more cabinets!! I would love to be able to keep my stand mixer in the kitchen instead of in the dining room, along ith the crockpot and a few other bigger appliances.

Ooh! You like texasware bowls? Me too, but I only have a couple small ones. The bigger ones are out of my price range and the ones I do find that I can afford are either cracked or chipped. boo!

Rosa said...

I've grown to love my texasware bowls! Not really mine, my mother bought 2 of them for $7 each at a flea market years ago, and I gave her the business that she paid too much for them. Now I see the same ones on Ebay and they're like $25 or more!
We should have 3 total, I remember buying one at Savers a year or so ago for $3.99. Origonally slated for Ebay, no way could I sell it. They're perfect for storing soups, potato salad, mixing things, putting the Halloween candies in. If I had more space in the kitchen I'd be able to put my finger right on that bowl, now I'd have pull a million things out of the cabinet to find it.

Rosa said...

Oh, I should add that mine are the big ones. Don't worry, you keep checking out the thrift stores like you do, you'll eventually find one. I'm still looking for the Fransiscian Starburst dinnerware, however long that will take.

jenny said...

Rosa-- I had a moment of stupidity.. I kept thinking of the stoneware bowls and then I pulled out my favorite mixing bowl to make cookies in and while washing it, I spotted the texasware logo on the bottom. *feeling sheepish* I have 1 big one and 2 next size down ones.

My mom and aunt both got a set when they left home and I broke one when I was a kid- the same one I was telling Dana about. Boy was she upset! My aunt still has her set.

I found a couple smaller ones at a yard sale once for $1 each and I sold them on ebay for over $30. I won't part with my big bowls, though. I keep them within reach and use them all the time!