Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Tickled Pink!

While I have been away, being a busy worker bee at the consignment shop, I have been given these lovely awards by some fellow bloggers!! How tickled I am to receive these and to know that while I am away and not posting, I am still thought of by others. I received Blogging That hits the mark from the worldly Lady M and the man that favors beat up volvos, Darth Sardonic. I got the You Make Me Smile award from the perky Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. And finally, the Nice Matters award came from sweet DJ Kirkby. Thanks all!!

It has been tremendously busy around here and I have been looking forward to this week where I can finally stay at home and catch up on all the neglected chores. Hubby and I have been to work at the store everyday with the exception of Sunday, where we spent the day with his parents in the city. After work on Saturday, we dropped off my Mom at her home and then kept going east to stay the night with my in-laws. We had plans to go and see the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va and then lunch on Sunday. The last time I went to the Masonic Temple was when I was about 5 or 6 years old and we were sightseeing as a family visiting from Illinois (I think. I was just a kid and I can't remember all the details.). It was nice to re-visit as an adult and see all the things I don't remember. It was very interesting and the young tour guide did well, except I couldn't understand him, me being deaf and finding it hard to look away from all the artifacts and reading his lips instead. I just gave myself my own guided tour and read all the little signs and information posted next to the statues and paintings and what-nots. The only trouble was, when I looked up, I found that they were all patiently waiting for me so they could go on to the next level. Whoops! We worked our way to the top of the temple and we were able to step outside to the balcony and look out among the city. We could see clear across the Potomac River and see all the way to the Washington Monument and the dome of the Capitol in D.C. Hubby and I were both pleased when the tour guide told his Mom that our girls were well-behaved children.
The tour guide might have changed his mind about the girls, though, because after he dropped us off back at the starting point and we wandered downstairs to the Shriner's exhibit, the girls all climbed into a miniature car that was on a display platform. They weren't meant to be in there and I quickly snapped a picture!

It was an interesting day, and we enjoyed being able to share it with our girls and their grandparents. We looked forward to heading home, though, feeling like we have been away for days with all the work we've done at the store and also for sleeping on a pull out sofa bed with Youngest tossing and turning between us. I would wake up often in the night to find her head nestled on my hip, an arm across my cheek or a foot pressed on my ribs. Hubby never slept so far away from me with Youngest in the middle! Our own bed felt like heaven after a night like that. We will probably go back to the Masonic Temple one day when the girls are a little older and we can go for an educational field trip if I am still home schooling. I'll be sure to teach about George Washington and the Masons before we go.

Did you do anything over the weekend?


sufferingsummer said...

Glad to see you're back and all in one piece...
we did nothing real exciting over the weekend...just the shops, playground, great grandma's house and what not...all I had in me after our weekend was a post full of pictures!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I spent all day Sunday in a overheated auditorium watching boys and girls in a dancing competition. I'd much rather have been doing what you did.