Sunday, September 2, 2012

516 Antiques

The booth is lots of fun, I gotta tell you! 
First, I get to hit the yard sales and look for things I deem worthy for the booth.
That alone is one of my favorite things to do.
Second, I get to have my own "shop".
Okay, not exactly the same thing as opening my own store, but this has its' perks.
I don't need to be there except to restock and rearrange; I don't need to worry about all the overhead costs; I'm free to yard sale or flea market or whatever else I need to do; I only need to pay a small rental fee for the space and that's it. 
Pretty good for someone like me, already busy with kids, the garden, school lessons...

In case anyone is curious about the booth, here's a couple of photos:

The whole booth!
Every time I go in, I take photos and post them on the 516 Antiques Facebook page (go LIKE the page! There are a ton more photos there!).
Then I stare at all the photos, studying what I could do differently, taking notes for the next time I go in.
I'm really happy with the booth and the way it looks. 
I think it's colorful and cheerful and I hope it draws people in to see what else the booth offers.
I like color.  I enjoy those pops of happiness against the white background.

I brought in a new shelf on my last visit and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I like the rainbow of colors, and apparently, so did customers, because the yellow shelf is just about cleared! I can't wait to go back in this week and maybe change out what's left of the yellows with blues. I'll be going through my inventory and pulling blue items.

Our first full month- August, has done beyond what I hoped for! I hope September proves to do just as good! We are going to try and keep the booth going for as long as we can, selling the stuff we have stock-piled in the basement all these years, hoping someday to open a store of our own. I hope it's enough, to last through the winter when yard sales are no more, and I'll have only thrift stores to rely on for more inventory. Keep your fingers crossed for us! :o)

And in case anyone is wondering, 516 is our wedding date! May 16th!  We thought it was a good name, the day he and me became WE!

*I did as one of my readers suggested and switched to a different browser and sure enough, I can upload pictures.  Strange. Thanks for the tip, Cheyenne!


Cheyenne said...

You are quite welcome.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love your booth! If I was closer I would definitely buy something!

You have a real eye for this, girl!

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- :o)

Trapper-- Thank you! If you are on Facebook and you "like" the page, there are more pictures there and I *do* ship! :o) I've already sold things via facebook and shipped them off to happy customers! hint hint! :o)

frecklewonder said...

Your booth is chock full of goodness!!!! So many pretty things and you have it all displayed so nicely, good work miss jenny!!!!

jenny said...

Thanks miss jenny!! So glad to see you here and hope you stick around! :o)