Monday, August 13, 2012

::30 Days:: 10

You know summer is coming to an end when it's time to start shopping for school supplies.
Having four children means I have to buy 4 of everything and then some.
I'm thinking I don't have nearly enough tape.  I bought 50 packs last year, and they were gone before the summer, so I'll have to go back for some more later this week. Still need to get glue and more construction paper, but other than that, I think we're set. I think I'll get more water color paints, too, because at 50 cents each, it was a pretty good deal.  Two for each kid isn't going to be enough to last until the next school supply shopping season.

It's the only picture I took for the day. After we got home from the stores, I sent the wild children into the pool and caught up on my emails, still behind from when we had no internet.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Staples for back to school supplies? Our school supplies are $$ here in Ontario, Canada, but in the last 2 weeks before school returns, Staples will have great clearance prices and routinely beat Walmart prices for all the basics plus a few interesting little novelty items. Cheers! Thanks again for your wonderful recipes!

jenny said...

Anonymous-- We love Staples!! Wish they didn't put limits on certain items, though. I got the composition notebooks for 10 cents from Staples, but it was a limit of 3. So after a stop at Staples, I took the ad to Walmart and price-matched and bought 20 more at 10 cents. Thanks for sticking around! :o)