Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Banner

I've seen birthday banners every where on the 'net.  Either homemade or commercially made. It's a really sweet idea and one I thought I would do myself, but just never got around to it.  
We had a birthday banner made from construction paper with letters cut out to spell 'Happy Birthday' and taped to yarn and we hung it up every birthday. Peter is now in his paper tearing stage, so it recently got destroyed. Evelyn's 10th birthday just came and went, and in true procrastinating fashion, I whipped up this birthday banner the night before her birthday.

It was a cinch to make. Took under 2 hours.
I had a bunch of lovely fabric sent to me from a blog-friend (Thanks!) and after making a cardboard template, I cut out 30 triangles, sewed them, flipped them inside out, sewed again to give the triangles a better shape, then sewed them to vintage bias tape.

Such pretty fabric, all flowered.

Each triangle is reversible with a different fabric on the other side, as demonstrated by Archie the cat.

"Aren't I, I mean, they beautiful?"

And here's the birthday girl, newly 10, all wrapped up!
Happy Birthday Evelyn!!

We love you!

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