Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hard Lessons

Poor Evelyn.

She had a couple of hard life lessons to learn recently.

First, she took out her anger at her sister and destroyed an article of clothing. Big no-no. Her punishment was an apology, of course, and to also replace that item. So we took them to the thrift shop so Gretchen could pick out a replacement and Evelyn had to pay for it with her own money.

Lesson One.

We went next door to the grocery store to pick up a few items and for some reason, they all seemed to have taken a silly pill which resulted in poor behavior at the store. I hate when they act up like that and all I want to do is to hurry up, pay, and get out of there! Just as we were ringing out, Evelyn gasped and she said she lost her wallet!

Oh, no!

We quickly parked the cart to the side and marched up and down the aisles.  I wish I could say we found it, but no such luck. It was a cute little fabric wallet she made out of yellow cowboy fabric and held all of her dollars, probably close to $25. Went to the front desk to leave a note and a number to call if it turns up. One more check through the aisles and it was time to go.

When we got to the car, I told her I knew exactly how she felt, I once lost my birthday money when I was about her age and I remember checking at the front desk for weeks afterwards, hoping it would show up. I know it was no consolation to her to hear that Mama knows how she feels-- right now she is just so upset with losing it. I told her, in the future, she needs to leave her money at home, hold on to it tightly, or give it to Mama or Daddy for safe-keeping.

Lesson Two.

After we got home, she asked quietly if we could have a bowl of ice cream to soothe her pain. Ok, just this once.  Hopefully, some nice person found it and turned it in. We'll call tomorrow and again in a couple of days to see if it turned up, but I'd be very, very surprised if we ever saw it again.


barefoot gardener said...

Oh! Poor Evelyn! I remember losing my own birthday money as a young one. Here's hoping next week gets better....

Stephanie D. said...

Poor little gal. I remember as a senior in high school, leaving my purse on the table as I put my lunch tray away and having a group of boys steal my senior trip money out of it. I could never prove which one did it, but I didn't get to go on my senior trip because of that. It IS a hard lesson.