Monday, February 20, 2012


Fifty percent of the time, Peter is clothed.

The other half, he's 'nakey' and running around the house whooping it up.
Even when it's cold.

There have been too many times to count, when he has gone outside with no shoes on, or no coat, or he starts out with boots and coat on and ends up naked in the little duck pool, boots discarded and coat lost in the yard somewhere. We had a nice day recently, and dragged all the kids outside for fresh air and a walk in the woods. Like clock-work, Peter was soon naked and romping in a puddle in the garden, then in a small pool of water in the canoe before he ended up splashing in the duck pool. By "nice day", I mean it was in the 50s and sunny, and still needing to wear a light coat or jacket, so that water was pretty cold.

I've heard of other people talking about their own toddlers doing the same thing, running about naked in the cold, seemingly not feeling the effects of frostbite nipping at their toes. I swear, if I didn't keep an eye on him, Peter would happily lounge about without clothes on everyday, all day long! He'd fit in nicely at the nude beaches!

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barefoot gardener said...

wonderful post! One of the best parts of kids that age is their complete comfort with their bodies. Innocent acceptance, and joy in what they can do: run, jump, wiggle... they don't worry about what they look like, or what others will think of them, they just lose themselves in the fun of exploring their world. Three cheers for Peter!!!

Now let's just hope he doesn't make himself sick running around nakey in the cold ;-)