Friday, April 29, 2011

More Milestones

We've had lots of milestones lately. As the family grows, the milestones come more frequent and I am constantly reminding myself to take photo evidence of each event. When Evelyn was born, we easily filled several photo albums of pictures with nothing but Evelyn. Along came Gretchen and we barely filled one album of photos. Then the digital camera entered our lives and along came Sylvia, then Peter, and I have yet to even put one photo into an album since. I'm so grateful to this blog, or else the kids will grow up and wonder if perhaps they were adopted, as there are barely any pictures of them to show otherwise!

Sylvia lost a second tooth recently. Another easy pull and pop! it was out. She still has the remnants of sun blisters on her cheeks from the sunburn we all got while in Florida. Evelyn has a bunch of loose teeth and Gretchen has been wiggling one... We may have to start a fund for the Tooth Fairy!! :o)

Gretchen got her ears pierced! I always told the girls that when they felt ready, they could get their ears pierced. She's been fretting over whether it will hurt much and here's what Evelyn told her: "First, Sharon will numb your ears, then you'll feel a pinch, and the next thing you know, you got a hole in your head!" It was a little more complicated than that. :o) She burst into tears after the first earring was in, wailed that it hurt and tensed up. I could see that if it had been me doing the piercing, she would be pushing my hands away by now. Sharon, the piercer, was wonderfully patient with Gretchen and offered soothing words of comfort. Plenty of experience guided her to know she needed to move quickly and while I was bribing Gretchen with a milkshake afterwards, she deftly pierced the second ear and it was done! Four days later, she is happy with her decision and following orders to keep turning the earring and keeping it clean. She is eyeing the pink dangly earrings I am wearing and I promised her she could have them at the end of her 6-week healing period.

We had our first corn-on-the-cob this year, here. We had cobbed corn in Florida, but this is our first at home. Not grown by us, obviously, but we couldn't resist and boy, was it ever tasty! A common summer meal for us is BLTs and corn-on-the-cob and we had an early start on it this year.

Just seeing Peter enjoying that corn so much makes me want to eat one, too! I'll try and refrain from buying any more corn unless it was grown locally, but just this one time... :o)


Teeeeeena said...

Another tooth?? Sylvia? Me oh my.

That picture of Gretchen look so much like you when you were a wee girl yourself! I am amazed! She really look a lot like you. And I'm thinking of that two pictures of u and me that we keep laughing at it. Just crazy laughing til our stitches hurt. I know you know what I am talking about it. I haven't look at it for a while.

Way to go girl, Gretchen! Enjoy your earrings.
love you all and miss you

Ron said...

Man, I almost bought some Florida corn at at the grocery store the other day. I didn't quite do it... but if I had some hamburger in the fridge and it was grilling weather, I surely would have. I lost my first tooth on an ear of corn. :)

jenny said...

teena-- now that you mention it, that pix of gretchen does look a bit like me! they're all so cute! :o) I think I know which picture-- that one from the trailer, right??

I'll tell gretchen what you said.. she likes knowing that you read the blog. xoxoxo

ron-- that corn was fresh looking! I wouldn't have bought it if it was all dried out and brown, but it looked like it was picked that morning--the husk was nice and bright green-- I just couldn't resist! Tasted delicious! I think the earliest corn shows up around here is late June... I just got to hold out a couple more months!

Ron said...

I might have to go back and get some. This stuff was pretty fresh too. I don't think I can make it until June, now that I think about it. :)