Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crunch Time

I've been working like a mad woman after putting the kids to bed tonight, trying to get my Advent Calendar finished. I broke out the new sewing machine and so far so good. It's a little stiff, but at least it works properly!

My work so far:: Pockets sewed on, fireplace sewed on, tree sewed on! Done, done and done! Tomorrow, I'll sew the buttons on and then sew a backing and the tabs for hanging. I have 7 more little ornaments to sew, but that can wait, the priority is the calendar itself.
I thought the tree looked so plain by itself, and I really wanted to add a fireplace to hang the stockings from. With four kids, I wanted each to have their own stocking and it didn't look right, to me, to have four hanging on the tree. I reallllllly like how the fireplace turned out! I can't wait to get this finished and hanging on the wall December 1st!


Anke said...

It turned out great!!! Your kids are going to love it!

Stephanie D. said...

This is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Judy and I am wondering if you are a signing or oral deaf? I am hearing. My teen is taking ASL. Do you use ASL or SEE or something else? Do your kids sign. I see you like music so I assume you are hard of hearing? No? Yes? If I am being too nosy just tell me. Thanks