Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Happy Happy!

It's a gorgeous day here! All week long I'd been looking forward to today. The Husband is off today and we planned to go back to the strawberry farm we went to last year for some strawberry-picking. Plus, it's Memorial weekend, so yard sales are in full swing! The local paper is chock-full of yard sale ads with some sales starting today and some all the way up till Monday.

On our way to the strawberry farm, we saw several yard sales and picked up a few things here and there. The kids had to take a bathroom break, so we stopped at a well-known farm stand and after we all relieved ourselves, we took a look around. Kind of pricey-- I guess it's more of a tourist trap/farm stand than it would be a place for locals to shop at. They did have some fun things for kids to do, though and we got a cute picture of all 4 of the kids in one of those murals where you stick your face through the hole.

Oldest is the lamb, Youngest the goat, Baby is the pig and Middle is a sunflower. Kind of hard to see her, but she's there.

We picked 27 pounds of strawberries! As soon as we got home, I made a batch of strawberry jam, 9 pints worth, and then froze 2 gallon-size bags of berries. I'd like to try to make strawberry sauce for pancakes and ice cream, and then make some strawberry yummies like bread, shortcakes, rhubarb-strawberry pie, smoothies.... Mmmm!
I've got good news to share! I made my first sale over at my Etsy shop!! Whoo-hoo! I haven't posted any more items yet, and this sale have given me some encouragement to get busy and post more sale items.
I can tell this is going to be a great weekend! Hope yours is great, too! :o)


Marijo said...

Your canned food is making me drool already! :) Great job with your shop, I'm sure it'll be successful.


Stephanie D. said...

I bought some strawberries on the way home from work Saturday and made some strawberry sauce for ice cream. It was pretty good, but too much vanilla flavoring, so I might just have to make some more to cut the original! But it was still pretty yummy!