Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Much Makes You Sick, A Little Is Fine

I know I must be doing something right, when my Oldest asks me to make chinese food for dinner with "broccoli and carrots and onions and everything!" I had already planned to make fried rice and stir fry for dinner, because with this pregnancy, I am craving fruits and vegetables, but it was a nice surprise to see Oldest ask for it and specify certain vegetables, too! At dinner time tonight, I was even more pleased when Middle requested more vegetables than what I gave her and even went back for seconds!

We talk about bodily functions with the girls. I don't know if that's what other people do, but we do. We explain to the girls how food goes in the mouth then down the throat and into the stomach. After a while, the food will go into the intestines and then the hard stuff will go out the "poop hole" and the liquid stuff will come out the "pee hole". The girls are very aware of how their bodies work and I have a big Mayo clinic health book with all kinds of pictures and diagrams of the human body that the girls love to look at. We tell them that what they eat can affect their poop. Too much breads and sweets can make it hard to poop and eating vegetables and fruit make it easier to poop. I like to think that Hubby and I are setting good examples by the way I cook and what we choose to eat and drink.

We don't deprive the kids of sweets, but we do limit what they can have and how much. We normally make our own sweets and it's not often that we buy bags of candies or chips. I made mint fudge the other day and of course I am getting lots of "pretty pleases" and "can I, can I" requests for fudge. I tell them that they can have 1 piece, but that's all, because too much sweets aren't good. A little is fine, too much can make you sick. The same goes with chips and salty snacks-- a little is fine, too much can make you sick.

I really think that "a little is fine, too much can make you sick" applies to just about everything in life. Too much exercise can wear you out, a little keeps you healthy. Too much alcohol makes you a drunk, a little is ok. Too much going out makes for one busy person, a little bit creates a balance. Even too much money can spoil a person, and a little keeps you realistic. Too much swearing makes you a potty mouth, a little swear word here and there has more effect. There is one exception to this: love. You can never have too much love from the people around you.

The interview last week that Hubby felt so good about, ended up being a disappointment. He was told to call Monday, but the guy was still interviewing and told Hubby to call back Tuesday. This morning he called and found out that he hired somebody else. (insert swear word here) Hubby has another interview Wednesday morning so he plans to go to bed early and has all his paperwork together. My aunt told me that a Bob Evans in Ohio put out an ad for a job opening and over a million people applied for the job. I don't know if that was true or not, the number sounds kind of exaggerated, but I wouldn't be surprised if they got flooded with applications. Times are tough. Too much time off of work can make you broke, a little keeps you refreshed!

Too much blogging takes me away from my family, a little keeps me sane! :0) Til next time!


Rosa said...

I didn't know that you're pregnant, congrats!

Sorry about your husband not getting the job. I know, it's tough out there.

DJ Kirkby said...

Darn! Good luck to Hubby for Wednesday.

Wendy said...

Yep. That's my husband's philosophy converge in the middle :).

Good luck to your hubby. We'll be rootin' for him!

Dhor said...

FINE!! I'll pray that today goes better :)

And AWESOME for you and your girls on eating those veggies. That's a really neat thing to have them eating even ONIONS so young. Kick butt M.M. Kick butt!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I hope your hubby has better luck with this interview. Keep eating the veggies and fruit.

Barbara said...

I was disappointed for you all that your husband didn't get the job. Good luck for the next interview. The right one will come along.

Nikki & David Goldbeck said...

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jenny said...

Rosa-- Thanks!! It is tough, but we have faith Hubby will find SOMETHING!

Dj-- Thanks for your good wishes!

Wendy-- Hubby likes to say "everything in moderation!" WE could use all the rootin' we can get!

Dhor-- Aww, thanks for your prayers. They eat the veggies I put on their plates, but it does my heart good when they ASK for them, too!

jenny said...

Coffee-- me too! If not this one, then the next one..

Barbara-- Yup, that's how we feel, too. The right one will come along soon!

Nikki and David-- Thanks for the reference on the book. I'll check it out!